Redmi and Durable Smartphones
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There are quite a lot of smartphones on the market that are delicate in terms of build quality. They may have a lot of features and an aesthetic feel to them, but cannot survive falls. This is something can be a concern for a lot of people, since accidents can happen at any time. If you are spending money on a smartphone, you expect it to be durable too.

Falls can cause the screen to shatter, crack or dead pixels to appear. These falls can also cause damage to the body of the smartphone, including dents scratches and damage to the camera lens. So, which smartphones are some of the most durable ones being sold in Pakistan? Let us take a look at some of them!

1. Durable Smartphones – realme 9i

The realme 9i is considered as an affordable smartphone that houses a powerful chipset and a long lasting battery. You can expect to use this smartphone for years to come due to its build quality. It can survive quite a lot of falls from various heights. Not only does it offer a rugged build but its a favorite for the lovers of the brand due to its aesthetic design.

2. Redmi Note 12

This is one of the mid-range smartphones that has quite a lot of resilience to damage. People have often dropped this phone from substantial heights where other phones would be rendered un-usable. However, the Redmi Note 12 continues to stand strong as one of the most durable phones out there. Not only that, but it houses a powerful chipset and enough storage to make you last years.

3. Durable Smartphones – Redmi A2+

This is a budget smartphone that people did not expect to have a good build quality. Of course, it is possible that better quality comes with a higher budget. However, this smartphone is an example of how you can have a budget as low as Rs.22,000/- and still have a durable smartphone. With 64GB storage and a 5000mah battery, this phone can survive falls, shatters and hits quite well.

4. OnePlus 9

This is a flagship smartphone that has an extremely aesthetic design with a beautiful user interface. People fall in love with it the moment they start to use it. Thus, it is understandable that the company would want to make it with a durable material. The phone has had a lot of reviews of staying intact after multiple falls. While the older models of this series were not as durable, the OnePlus 9 certainly goes above and beyond in terms of resilience.

These are just some of the most durable phones on the market and they are present in all budget ranges. Do check them out when you decide to go buy one!

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