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Rishta culture in the sub-continent is one of the arranged marriages. Here, people do not endorse romantic relationships. And when people are of marriageable age, they have to suffer through the toxicity of the rishta aunty. The rishta aunty process entails the woman picking up the boy and his whole family and dropping them off at the prospective girl’s house. There the girl has to serve tea and pretend to be what she is not. But these Facebook Rishta Groups are definitely bringing a positive change.

Here are five Facebook rishta groups that you should be a part of if you, too, are looking for a soulmate.

1. Two Rings Official (Global)

Fakiha Khan formed two Rings. She started on this journey to break the culture that exists currently. The admins and moderators strictly moderate the group, not letting useless or spam posts to be approved. Moreover, they even ensure that no one makes toxic comments on the profile. And if you are caught, well, you get banned. With 97 thousand members on the group who are either looking for themselves or their family members, the group has already facilitated 75 couples.

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2. Skip The Rishta Auntie

To get into this group is a little bit tricky. The guidelines to be in this group are that you have to either link people or post your own profile within a couple of days. Failure to do so, and you are kicked out of the group. There are pros and cons to this practice. Pro is that no one in the group is there for fun or has time to make toxic remarks. The con is that what if your potential soulmate posted his profile a day after you were kicked out?

3. Subtle Curry Dating

Subtle curry dating is a fun group. Anyone can be there. You can post any relatable meme. And you can also post your profile. The pro is that people are not limited to just Muslims or Pakistanis. It has desi people from everywhere. And there have been success stories there as well. So you can very well try your luck there as well.

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4. Soul Wonders

Another purely rishta group is soul wonders. This one too facilitates people to connect with like-minded people. And, you never know, maybe your soulmate is also scouring all these Facebook groups looking for you.

Join these groups and let us know if you were successful.

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