KIA sportage cheap suv
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Of all the automobile brands currently in Pakistan, KIA has been rising at an exponential rate. Its sale was elatively high in 2020 alone, and it’s about to release some newer cars too. When KIA released the latest Sportage, it came as a form of a revival. People began to dive into the world of KIA as more and more vehicles were sold. R

Recently, we came to know that KIA is about to release some more cars in Pakistan too. Some may be either Hybrid or Electric as well as SUVs. Is that not newsworthy of a listen and a read? One of the most defining things about KIA is that some of its cars are surprisingly affordable instead of other brand counterparts. Let us look at some.

KIA surprisingly affordable vehicles
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1. KIA Classic

This was the vehicle that, when KIA was mentioned, popped up in the head. Of course, it’s not as common to come by as it was back then, but a substantial amount of them are still up for sale. It’s a 1300cc 5-Speed vehicle which can be regarded as a right family car.

With front Disc Breaks and Rear Drum breaks, the vehicle does give a classic feel. It’s a manual transmission with a 37-liter tank. Currently, you can find this being sold at less than Rs.5 Lacs, even at 2.6 or 3 Lac.

2. KIA Spectra

This is a 4 door sedan with ample boot capacity. It has a 4 cylinder engine with an on-line configuration and a 1.5-liter capacity. With the specifications it has, it is definitely not a car to be trifled with. KIA hit relatively high when they released this year back in the first decade of the 21st century.

With a 5 person seating capacity and a 50L fuel tank, this car is one impressive sedan. It is surprisingly affordable with a price between Rs.3-6 Lac.

KIA Spectra Affordable
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3. KIA Pride 1.1

At first glance, this may resemble ‘Mehran’ or ‘Khyber.’ It is definitely in the same league as these cars. The vehicle has a classic, compact feel to it with a 4-Speed Manual Transmission. Yes, don’t try to go up to that 5th gear! With a 1.1 Litre capacity behind the wheel, the possibilities of a smooth run are endless!

Even with a compact design, it can easily fit 5 people and withstand long road trips with good mileage. On Pakwheels, the current price of the vehicle is between Rs.2 – 4 Lac.

4. KIA Sportage

Now, this is a vehicle slightly apart from this list. It’s an SUV with an AWD configuration. What sets this vehicle apart from other brand SUVs is the price bracket. The fact that this vehicle offers premium features at such a price can be seen as unbelievable.

The KIA sportage 2020 model can be found on sale at a considerably less price than 40 or 50 lac. You can browse Pakwheels for a good, mildly driven model within Rs.30 Lac. If that is not a good buy, what is?

KIA Affordable Sportage SUV
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These cars by KIA are quite affordable and can be purchased on a budget. Additionally, these cars don’t compromise in terms of quality nor performance.

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