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Being fit is often equated with losing weight. And even if with tons of diet plans, one cannot see a difference on the weighing machine, they start getting fidgety. And if not that, they consider themselves at fault. But have you ever thought about why it is that you cannot do it, lose weight? Here are four reasons that could be why you are not able to lose weight.

1. Its in the Genes 

I have seen people applying diet plans and exercises in their routine. If they were overweight, they started losing it at an exponential speed for some time. But then, 10 to 12 kg before their desired weight, it stops. And even though they are practicing the same routine, the weight doesn’t budge. So obviously, they start thinking that they are not doing something properly.

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But here is the thing. Some things come with a default setting. How many times have you looked up home remedies or diet plans to alter your height? It is the default. Just like that, there is a weight that is your default weight. Whatever you do, you cannot go beyond that, and if you are going below that, it is worrisome. You should consult a doctor.

2. Sleep Deprivation 

If you are not sleeping the hours you should sleep, you gain weight. According to a study conducted in 2006, researchers found that women sleeping lesser had more significant weight gain chances. Why could that be? It’s because when you are awake, you feel hungry even if you are not hungry. Moreover, sleep deprivation leads to more cortisol in the body. And cortisol is directly linked to your appetite. And when you are up for extended periods, you get tired, so you cannot do your daily exercise and burn calories.

3. Not enough proteins

Remember, you studied balanced diets. In all those elements, protein is the only nutrient that contributes to weight loss.  If you take 25-30% proteins, it can boost your metabolism rate by 80 to 100 calories a day. So what happens is your desire for snacking reduces. In terms of calories, you take several hundred calories less than usual. But why, you may ask. It is because protein affects the hormones which regulate your appetite. So load up on proteins.

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4. Stressing Out

Stressing out, you can say, is almost directly proportional to weight gain. Why? You have cravings for your comfort food. Your stress leads to sleep deprivation, which affects cortisol levels, as we discussed above. And of course, unless you vent your stress by exercising, you skip out on exercises. So instead of living with your stress, talk to a counselor to determine what’s stressing you out and end it.

So yes, some of these reasons that hinder your goal of losing weight are changeable but don’t forget that some aren’t. You should lose weight if you are nearing obesity, which can be dangerous for your health, but otherwise, do not obsess about weight loss much. Accept yourself as you are. There is nothing more beautiful than that.

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