Pandemic job hunt
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A pandemic job hunt is what most people are occupied with these days. Unfortunately, either some have been laid off, some recently graduated, and find their prospects low, or some just want to be productive from home.

If you’re anyone of these, you need to keep reading our tips to land a job. With the right amount of determination, focus, and knowledge, landing an appointment will be an easy feat even during a pandemic.

1. Update Your Social Media Profiles

Recruiting nowadays is heavily focused online, and recruiters make use of the applicant’s social media profiles to judge. Now you don’t have the luxury of making an impression in-person looking great and speaking fluently.

They say a picture says a thousand words, and that is more true now than ever. If your Instagram profile is public, remove photos that can be controversial. Your Facebook most likely is open so make sure it’s clean from irresponsible or contradictory posts.

Make yourself look dedicated, put-together, and professional. Also, make sure to make an account on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. 

2. More Skills Up Your Sleeve

update your resume for pandemic job hunt
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This is the perfect time to learn complementary skills that can give you an edge in any field. For instance, if you’re interested in marketing, then having graphic designing skills will provide you with an edge. If you’re into accounting, learning Excel properly or coding can give you an edge. This can make you stand out in a crowd of people.

What’s interesting is that all these courses are being offered for free on many sites. You have all the time in the world currently and also don’t need to finance your learning heavily. Make use of free time, utilize it, and update your CV or resume.

3. Research Particular Industries

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There are many industries right now that are booming thanks to the pandemic. Consider the medical industry, the news industry, digital platforms, etc. All these are still going on as usual, if not better, and you can take advantage of that. Moreover, schools are still teaching, so if you have experience with teaching, that’s a viable option. 

Research industries that are booming and focus your pandemic job hunt there. 

4. Don’t Take Online Interviews Lightly

Image Source: The Balance Careers

Most interviews are now being conducted online. If you’re on a pandemic job hunt, you need to brush up your online interview skills. Giving an interview from behind a screen can ease you and make you feel like it’s no big deal. However, we all know an interview can make it or break it.

Tidy up your look, have zero distractions, be more professional, and learn online communication cues. As opposed to in-person, being more sophisticated is easier on call, but only if you learn how to. Don’t miss out on these tips.

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