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Models and actors have tons of photoshoots, and each one is more fabulous than the earlier one. But when it’s a sizzling photoshoot with none other than your spouse, even the fans love it. Here we have assembled the list of 4 Pakistani celebrity couples who keep doing photoshoots with their spouse, and their chemistry just overflows each time.

1. Ayeza Khan – Danish Taimoor

It should not be a surprise that Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor’s name is at the top of the list. From romantic poses that win your heart and you keep wanting more, Ayeza shares photoshoots of workout situations, day out to the aquarium situation, and so much more. Their love just oozes out from any pose they make.

2. Sarwat Gilani – Fahad Mirza

Recently, a sizzling photoshoot of Sarwat Gilani just went viral, and while some phuppos found it problematic, one has to admire how perfect she and her husband looked. They complement each other down to the T., And it was just hot!

3. Zara Noor Abbasi – Asad Siddiqui

Zara Noor Abbasi is a talented individual who has been proving her name in a challenging context. The fact that she has to live upto her mother and aunt’s talent is a pressure in itself. But she has been doing a fantastic job of it. Coming to her photoshoot with her husband, who is also in a similar boat as her, they rocked it because it is clear from their pictures, they are made for each other.

4. Urwa Hocane – Farhan Saeed

These two have been quite the center of attention with the scandalous news of them parting ways coming up. But the two intelligently made no comments; they must have known, the news would subside pretty soon. And so it did. They neither confirmed nor denied the news, although Urwa’s father mentioned how it is not true. Separated or not, they are still a married couple with amazing chemistry when they come together on the photo shoot.

However, we need to ponder that these photo shoots are part of the job description of models and actors. So it cannot be that their works with other stars are not that great. So why is it that we start swooning over them when they are there with their spouses? Does their work get some sort of legitimacy when they are there with their husbands and wives?

Food for thought! Meanwhile, enjoy these Pakistani celebrity couples’ photoshoots.

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