Pakistani Dramas
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Art and artists hold great importance in exporting the image and culture of a nation. Art represents what a culture holds, and culture holds what its art represents. The story in the current ongoing Pakistani dramas and films revolves around love, marriage, second marriage, and extra-marital affairs. Everything that does not relate a tad bit to an average Pakistani youth.

Although Pakistan’s youth has only seen a crippled struggling movie industry, the drama industry, somewhat, made up for that. Pakistan has produced some incredible dramas even with a low budget and simple storylines. I remember binge-watching Ashir Azeem’s Dhuwan on a Saturday night with my father. At the end of it, I felt awful that this drama was not appreciated enough nowadays.

Here are some of the ongoing Pakistani dramas that don’t make any sense AT ALL:

4. Jhooti

Jhooti seems to follow the trend set by last year’s most misogynist drama award winner: Mere Paas Tum Ho. Our dramas are now exploring the stories regarding lying and cheating women after making every possible story about lying and cheating men. Though, there is one big difference between these two types of story telling: cheaters can become a better person and earn forgiveness, but only if they are men.

Jhooti is the story of a greedy girl who lies and manipulates. She has a supportive father and a loving husband. She has every bad quality a person can have. In a teaser, she is even shown faking bruises and falsely accusing her husband of domestic abuse.

3. Ishqiya

Last year, Kabir Singh, an extremely controversial Bollywood movie was released. The main character of this drama seems to be inspired by Kabir Singh. In Ishqiya, Hamna and Hamza are in love; surprise, surprise! Hamna’s family doesn’t know about it. They find a match for her. She marries this other guy, Azeem.

Since Hamza is a psychopath with anger issues, he gears up for revenge. So, the guy marries Hamna’s sister, Rumi, for revenge. He later continues to threaten and harass Hamna while her sister falls for him. The portrayal of such a character as a hero in such a society where violence against women is a huge issue makes absolutely no sense at all.

2. Jalan

Jalan, currently on-aired on ARY Digital, brings the same old repetitive story that has already been explored by what seems like a million dramas. This is the story of a girl falling for her older sister’s husband (cringe-worthy, I know).

Though the drama is in the 3rd episode, we all can figure out where the story is going to go and how it will end. It would not be wrong to say that the drama portrays a sick portrayal of family. The show has a stellar cast, including Minal Khan, Emmad Irfani, and Areeba Habib.

1. Mera Dil, Mera Dushman

It was hard for me to decide if Mera Dil, Mera Dushman, should be ranked first or Jalan as both have incredibly sick storylines. Here, a young girl and boy fall for each other. The girl’s family forces her to marry an older man who turns out to be the guy’s uncle. The guy later marries the uncle’s daughter due to some family drama.

So, now the girl is his step mother-in-law with whom he is in love with. Do you feel disgusted too? Yeah, tell me about it. This drama, again, has a great cast including reel life boyfriend and girlfriend, Noman Sami and Alizeh Shah, and famous producer-director, Yasir Nawaz.

Which ongoing Pakistani drama do you think is making no sense at all? Let us know in the comments below.

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