Toyota Camry and other luxury cars
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When we talk about luxury cars in 2024, a lot of us think of how expensive they are, and how much it costs to keep them running. We also think about the high taxes that people have to give on such cars, especially the luxury tax. However, we are here to tell you that you can purchase cars in 2024 that are of older models buy they come under the luxurious category.

They are the top-of-the-line variants of their respective models and people can find them for sale in less than Rs.40 Lac! Yes, a luxury car with an immense amount of features in less than Rs.40 lac is something many people would consider impossible. Yet, these cars contain functionality that is not present even in many modern cars of today.

Toyota Camry In Luxury

The Toyota Camry is considered as one of the most top tier luxury cars in Pakistan. It contains a plethora of features and offers a highly comfortable and robust drive to anyone who is behind the wheel. That said, a person can purchase a Toyota Camry from 2006 in between Rs.30 to Rs.35 Lac. Yes, they can get the top of the line variant within this budget, and it is no less than a modern luxury car.

Honda Accord

Here, we have another car that is considered as the epitome of comfort and impressive power. The Honda Accord has never-ending features and a powerful engine in its top-of-the-line variant. Not only does it offer luxury, it offers a unique experience to the user that they cannot get in any other commercial car. Once you drive an accord, you always want to keep driving it. The Honda Accord CL7 and CL9 top variants can be found in less than Rs.40 lac.

Toyota MarkX

The 300G premium variant of the Toyota MarkX is another example of high luxury. While it may not be a car of today, the 2008 variant of the vehicle is nothing to mess around with. Equipped with a monstrous 3.0 Liter engine, the car is an absolute beast. It may not have the best fuel efficiency but it does not lag behind in terms of luxury.

Toyota Crown

This is considered as the King of luxury when it comes to vehicles. It has always been an outstanding vehicle and its features outweigh any road-ready cars of today. You might not be able to get a modern crown within Rs.40 lac but you can certainly get a late 90s model, and it is a pleasant car to drive.

That said, these cars are certainly highly luxurious and can impress any driver on sight. However, we recommend getting them properly inspected if you intend to buy any of them

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