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Horoscopes originated some 2100 years ago, during Babylonian times. It allowed the people to make sense of a supernatural world, the stars, and their movements. But now that we have made sense of the universe much more than what we had 2100 years ago, believing horoscopes explain personalities is just very unbelievable. But it is still fun. So we took some time out to assess Libras. And did you know that Libras can make your life a living hell? No? Well, here, have a look.

1. Very calculative, they are!

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If you think they are emotional and spontaneous, they are not Libra. So, if you did them wrong, they won’t react right away. They will take their time. And then they will devise the plan to take revenge from you. So one should be very aware of their dealings with Libras. Because not only are they calculative, but they are also patient. They give the phrase, ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’ a whole new meaning.

2. Indecisive, Unreliable, and Naive

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While they can be calculative and make your life hell, their indecisiveness can do the same. Just imagine you are dating Libra, and you are dying to have food, but they can’t decide if they want to go for Thai or Italian.

Moreover, their by-default peaceful nature also makes them vulnerable, so if you have a Libra as a friend, you spend most of your time trying to save them from getting hurt.

3. Trouble Makers

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Libras are exciting this way. They have a peaceful nature but are also trouble makers. They end up creating conflicts, so they are often found in these situations. Again, as someone around Libra, it will be troublesome, always cleaning up behind them.
4. Superficial and Vain

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They can be very superficial. And that means they focus on outer beauty. Now, it’s one’s choice to focus on whatever they want. But what makes it superficial is that they neglect the inner self sometimes in focusing too much on their outer self. So, if you are taking a Libra to introduce to friends, it might get very embarrassing.

These are some pointers that are said to define Libras. But here I would like to mention some stats too. There are 7 billion people on Earth and only 12 zodiac signs. So, on average, there are more than 500 million people with the same zodiac sign. Would all of them be the same? I doubt that!

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