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Hair loss is one of the main issues that make people lose more hair as they stress out over their existing hair loss. Why do they stress out? Well, that’s because hair fall is easy but gaining that hair back, that is difficult. You will find some people who reject this claim and tell you home remedies but let’s be honest, not every remedy works for every person. However, what I am going to tell you is a sure way of increasing your hair growth and decreasing hair fall.

Now, you may ask that what it is that makes my remedies stand out from others. It’s simple. These are no totkas. These are healthy foods that make you healthy. And healthy body leads to healthy hair.

1. Nuts

Winter season is on top of us so that we will see lots of dry fruits anyway. So it’s perfect timing to buy this and start eating. You don’t even have to justify to friends that you are eating it for hair growth. The zinc and the vitamins in these nuts are directly linked to hair growth and have some other benefits.

hair growth
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2. Fish

Those who love fish, good news for you. The fatty acid in the fish not only increases the length but also has a positive impact on the density. If you are going for this food, Salmon, Herring, and Mackerel should be your go-to. In fact, according to a US study, twice a week should be the frequency of consuming fish. Don’t overdo it either.

3. Eggs

Don’t just apply eggs on your hair; eat them too! The protein and the biotin content are beneficial. Why? Let me explain. Usually, what happens is that if a body lacks protein or biotin, it affects your hair. So if you take eggs regularly, it will rectify your hair situation.

4. Oyster

You may think that hair growth is only linked to decreasing hair fall and increasing length. I am here to tell you this is not the case. Hair gets damaged for many reasons. And if they don’t get repaired, they fall. So to ensure that your damaged hair is on the way to recovery, eat oysters REGULARLY.

hair growth
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So, do try incorporating these foods into your lifestyle. And who knows, maybe this was what your hair was looking for. Also, when you start seeing hair growth, do let us know too. Your feedback will make more people use these foods without any fear of uncertainties.

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