Old Pakistani bands
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Bands in the music industry are peculiar: almost all enjoy being catapulted into fame with luck, but inevitably they all disunite one day. Just like that, many Pakistani bands rose to fame during their prime time and then scattered with the wind one day.

These are some of the Pakistani brands we wish were still together today! How many bands’ songs have you hummed to?

1. Entity Paradigm (EP)

If you haven’t jammed to EP’s Hamesha’s intro, you have to reconsider your life decisions. EP also got famous once again because the lead vocalist (Fawad Khan) got into acting, and the world’s eyes were renewed.

EP was a rock metal band, and the likes of Ahmed Ali Butt, Zulfiqar Khan, Salman Albert, Hassan Khalid, Abid Khan, and Waqar Ahmed were in it too. Unfortunately, this Pakistani band disbanded because of personal differences in ambitions. Hits such as Kahan Hai Tu and Waqt and Hamesha are amongst the fans’ favorites.

2. Noori

How can one talk about Pakistani bands but miss Noori? The iconic duo of brothers, Ali Noor and Ali Hamza,  who has produced some incredible songs over the years. They came together in the 90s with their drummer, Grumby.

The brothers currently pursue individual projects; however, they come together from time to time for gigs. Manwa Re, Suno Ke Mai Hoon Jawaan, Mere Yaar, Mere Dost all remain epic compositions that put you on a rollercoaster of emotions.

3. Junoon

Junoon was a Sufi rock Pakistani band who left big shoes to fill. Ali Azmat’s vocals were complemented by Salman Ahmed and Brian O’Connells’ guitar skills in the band to make some epic hits.

Songs like Zamanay Ke Andaaz, Yaar Bina, and Tara Jala are every 90s kid’s favorite throwback songs. However, the band fell apart after a decade as Ali went to pursue his solo career. 

4. Aaroh

Aaroh was the winner of the first Pepsi Battle of the Bands. It comprised of vocalist Farooq Ahmed and other members, namely Kamran Khan, Nabeel Nihal, Haider Hashmi, Khalid Khan, and Jason Anthony.

The Pakistani band, like many others, took off in the late 90s only to reach an unfortunate end in 2014. One of the band members, Haider, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and passed away the same year. With hits like Sawaal, Raag Neela, and Na Kaho, we hope Aaroh comes back together to do what they’re meant to.

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