samsung at ces unveils new products
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Sometimes, tech companies might come out with the most unusual products that would leave the audience in confusion. Yes, these companies tend to occasionally release products that can feel ahead of time or they don’t seem to have a viable application. That said, CES 2024 has recently taken place and Samsung did unveil quite a few products at it.

However, some of these products feel like they have a questionable aura around them. People may not entirely understand their application or they seem quite out of the ordinary. Due to this, the products themselves may not do entirely good on the market out there. Just like that, the products that Samsung has unveiled at CES 2024 do raise an eyebrow.

1. Ballie, The Samsung AI Robot

One of the things that were unveiled by Samsung was a Robot AI Companion. While there might not be an active application for such a companion, it can certainly be a fun experience. The AI bot is in the form of a circular shape, in yellow color, that does quite a lot. From rolling to you when beckoned, to responding to voice and text commands, Ballie is quite an interesting yet strange innovation.

ballie and other samsung products
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2. A Transparent Television

There was a time when televisions were huge and bulky and they have transitioned to a more reasonable build. Similarly, Samsung, at CES, unveiled a transparent television. However, not a lot of information has been released with regards to this. That said, we can safely say that we are yet to see how a transparent television works.

other questionable products by Samsung
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3. Samsung – Music Playing Frame

This product by Samsung features a picture frame equipped with an impressive sound system and support for Dolby. Yes, you can place pictures inside the frame and you can play custom music that emits sound from the frame itself. It can make for a nice gift for your friends.

questionable products by the company
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4. An AI Refrigerator

Here is another innovative product release by the company, as we look at a new fridge. However, this is no ordinary fridge as it boasts AI functionality, letting the fridge itself keep an eye inside. It can detect more than 30 different kinds of food items kept inside it, and it can give recipe suggestions based on the items that are in the fridge.

new product by the company which are weird
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These are quite questionable products but some of them may have a wider application when it comes to operating outside the tech industry,

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