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The human mind is the most complex organ of the human body. But have you ever thought about how our cerebral qualities have diminished courtesy of technology? We remember less; we forget more, we exercise it lesser. If you’re worried about these things too, check out these board games that make your brain sharper!

1. Pressman Chess

Those who can play chess are a superior lot. Playing chess has proven to enhance IQ level, brain development, and our ability to concentrate. We were playing chess exercises in our brains by compelling us to think of solutions!

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Did you also know that this boardgame can help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s? The brain is a crucial part of our body, and it needs exercise just like other body parts, too, which is precisely what chess provides!

2. Puzzle

Puzzle boardgames also help you exercise your mind by thinking critically to complete the game. It enhances motor skills in kids and facilitates their concentration, which is essential today. The puzzle requires us to utilize our memory in remembering the shapes, techniques, and strategies. This means that the next time we play it, we’ll not forget the tricks to win beforehand.

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3. ThinkFun Laser Maze

We need to play games that keep us occupied to exercise our brain cells. This maze game helps boost IQ, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills because it forces you to think on the spot. Plus, these games take a long time to finish, and you’re compelled to retain your concentration.

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It comes with many pieces, and to complete the game, you have to focus on each piece’s movement. When we visualize our strategy to achieve the maze and place each component, it develops our spatial reasoning skills. It is also an excellent STEM board game. 

4. Scrabble

Scrabble is either most loved at some homes or the most hated one in others. Children are forced to focus on the game and think about tricks. Concentration helps kids learn fast too. Scrabble is all about creating words, but the trick here is to create a long word to get more points. This can also be a great game to help children to adults develop a firmer hold of vocabulary.

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This game also helps to enhance memory; a good memory means you have trained well, improving cognitive skills in the long run. Additionally, think about how these games would offer a good break from using screens all day long!

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