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Before purchasing a car, one goes through quite a lot of thinking and establishes a long review process. How a car runs on the road often depends on how it has been kept by the previous owner. If they drove it with care, it is going to give you years of service ahead. However, if it has seen rough times, you might have to set a budget aside on maintenance and repairs. That said, there are quite a few Youtube channels that offer honest car reviews.

These channels have almost all of the popular and underrated cars of Pakistan reviewed on them. They come out with content regularly and you can trust their reviews because they are honest. If a car has any known issues in it, they will highlight them, and even give an opinion on whether to buy a car or not.

1. Perfect Car

This channel has quite a lot of reviews on it, that detail from hatchbacks to sedans. Not only that, but they offer their own opinions while reviewing the car. The car is often reviewed by an expert who knows their way around the engine so you can trust their word on it. If you are looking to buy a car, do check them out.

2. AutoPak on Youtube

AutoPak is yet another channel that does honest car reviews. They talk about the entire car from exterior to interior, and they don’t skimp on any details. From the smallest part to the largest one, they dissect a car when reviewing it. Do check them out if you want an expert’s review on a car.

3. Shaheel Shahzad on Youtube

A Youtuber who has made quite a lot of car review videos, he brings everyday cars for people to be reviewed. He makes his videos in an easy-to-understand manner, so that the video can be interpreted by anyone. That said, do remember to check out his reviews on hatchbacks in Pakistan, as they are quite detailed and fun to watch.

4. Omer Arshad

If you watch his videos, you will get a feel that the person is an expert on the subject. You will feel that he knows what he is talking about, and he will certainly deliver his best. He often describes cars with a way that is highly accurate, and apart from the conventional descriptions. Do check out this channel if you intend to watch a car review.

These channels are sure to give you an honest and detailed review of the car you intend to buy.

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