Car financing and other bank methods
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Purchasing a car in 2023 can be quite a smart investment decision. Due to the changing economic conditions, the value of the Rupee keeps fluctuating against the dollar. Thus, if you have capital kept in Pkr, you might experience it de-valuing over time. However, in Pakistan, if you purchase a car, the value retains itself. In other countries, older cars decrease in value by a big margin. However, in Pakistan, they retain their value or increase it a bit over time. So, which cars can you buy through bank financing? Keep on reading!

1. Suzuki Cultus through the Bank

The Suzuki Cultus has been one of the most widely bought cars in the last five years. Due to its reasonable maintenance cost and spare parts, it has become a favorite for many people. You can get this vehicle purchased from the bank on financing through multiple plans. It gives a good fuel average, is perfect for city commute and can give years of value to the driver.

2. Toyota Corolla

We cannot talk about cars in Pakistan and leave out Toyota Corolla. One can get quite a good vehicle of a recent model through bank financing. If you intend to keep a reliable, robust car that is going to give you years of service, then the Corolla is one to purchase and invest in.

3. Suzuki Swift through the Bank

If you are looking for a car that dishes out impressive performance with a good stable drive, then you want to purchase the new swift. Not only does it retain its value well, it also has an engine that gives out immense power. It is a vehicle worth buying because it is sure to give you years of service.

4. KIA Sportage

The KIA Sportage is one of the most impressive vehicles on the market currently. It has ample space, quite a lot of comfort and gives good performance in the city and on the motorway. You can always get the AWD for the FWD variant through the bank over the period of 5 years.

These vehicles are a worthwhile investment and are sure to retain their value over time.

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