Amna Ilyas
Image Source: Instagram

Amna Ilyas is a well-known celebrity who started her career as a model. She made her name by proving her talent. In a society that obsesses over fair color for women, she showed them that dusky tone is also beautiful and something to be proud of.

She took the next step in her career by entering the field of acting and proved her name there as well. People acknowledged her performance for Baaji. But she has also been a part of quite some controversies. And it almost seems like she is trying to stay in the news, so she stays relevant (you know, top-of-mind effect).

1. Amna Ilyas wedding 

Several major news publications covered the news of her wedding with the phrase ‘Amna Ilyas ties the knot.’ When the news had circulated enough, the model-actress clarified the misunderstanding on Instagram by posting a video. She shot the video with her alleged partner, where they denied the news about their wedding and ended it by promoting Ankahi, the upcoming theatre play. Dawar Mehmood will be directing the play while Amna Ilyas will be the lead.

Haseena Moin’s original Ankahi was great. We will have to see how a 2020 theatre adaptation fares, though.

2. Amna Ilyas on fair tone

Being a strong activist in speaking against colorism in Pakistan, Amna Ilyas could not stay silent at Faiza Beauty cream’s ad. She made a parody out of it and posted it on her Instagram. It was her way of calling out Ayeza Khan and what she was promoting, given she is a public figure with a massive fan following. Her mimicry of Ayeza was so on point and became hilarious when she finalized it by smashing her face in white flour.

3. Body-Shaming, What?

Another time Amna Ilyas has been a part of the controversy was when people fished out her past interview with HSY. She was invited, alongside Sadaf Kanwal. While playing a game, Sadaf had to guess a name. And Amna made a gesture of someone who has gained weight. When Sadaf Kanwal asked if the person was fat, Amna Ilyas replied in affirmation. With that, Sadaf Kanwal quickly identified the person as Aamina Haq. When the controversy made rounds on social media, Amna Ilyas replied with an apology that did not even seem like one.

These were a few controversies that the actress has been a part of. If you can recall a few more, do let us know, and we will add them to our list.

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