3 Things You Must NEVER Do When Trying To Save Money!

Things to never do when trying to save money
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One can say that life is quite variable. It has its ups and downs and moves exactly like a roller coaster. Of course, the amount of transistions can vary from person to person. There can come a time of great fortune in one’s life. It may not just be financially but spiritually or mentally too. Just like this, there is a second side of that coin.

One may be faced with stressful times too. There can come a time when a person is under a lot of strain, mentally or financially. Financially, it can be quite a presure to try and make savings. Budget cuts can become a necessity and keeping a track becomes vital. So what are some things to NEVER do when you are trying to save money?

Saving Money for Vacations
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1. Avoid Pricey Vacation Trips:

Vacations are usually considered a luxury. In this day and age of constant work and responsibilities, it can be quite difficult to take a vacation. That is how it is recommended! When saving money, it is better to never take a vacation that can be considered pricey. Vacations require one to dedicate. Dedication of time, resources, expenditure are all part of taking a vacation.

That being said, it is not completely out of the question to want to change locations to de-stress. It is better to look for cheaper and shorter alternatives, until such a time when saving is not as the top priority. If you feel your budget cannot allow you to go on a Pakistan tour, look for alternatives. Visit ‘Kund Malir’, ‘Gorakh’ or ‘Ranikot’ instead. Maybe take a stroll through time in ‘Moenjodaro’ or enjoy a picnic by ‘Keenjhar Lake’.

Activities for saving
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2. The Cost of Entertainment:

Going to the cinema to watch a movie can be costly, in today’s age. It alone costs Rs.900/- to watch a film here in Pakistan. When that includes food and drinks, then dinner after the film, it can easily go beyond Rs.1500/. All for a single night of fun? The same entertainment results can be obtained by having a movie marathon with friends at home. Getting chips and drinks is not out of the question either. At a time of saving, every Rupee can be considered precious. In this day and age of quarantine, a Netflix watch party is not out of the question too!

It is better to avoid activities that are quite costly and look for cheaper alternatives. Instead of going out for a steak or BBQ to an expensive restaurant, try having a BBQ of your own where the cost is evenly divided between friends. The writer of this article has organized BBQs of more than 14 people, where the per head cost was at Rs.350/-. Not only that, there was food leftover to take home too! Alternate options reveal themselves upon exploration. Another way to save money.

Conserving Money
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3. Constraint of Clothing and Gifts:

If a friend’s birthday is coming up, it is better to not go with a gift that can get you into financial trouble. The main gesture behind birthday gifts is not about how costly they can be, rather how much thought has been put into them. Not only this, it is better to not go for expensive clothes at a time of saving. Endorsing the local produce of the country can be quite useful in this regard. Markets like ‘Zainab Market’ or ‘Saddar’ can be quite useful in such times.

These establishments provide good quality clothing if one knows where to look. They may not have branded clothing but that does not mean a huge compromise on quality. After all, Pakistan is known for its clothing products as well. It can be a good way to save money.

Zainab Market Cost
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