why schools should remain closed
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Ever since the novel coronavirus broke-out, the entire world as we know it changed within a few days. Those who love to travel are stuck at home, offices shut down, and adopted work from home policies, and schools went online.

One of the most impacted sectors due to the pandemic is the education sector in Pakistan and abroad as well. As someone who has a younger sibling, I have been observing how online classes are different from actual classes.

Trust me when I say I would rather have my sibling shipped to school even if it was in Africa, however, I will not do that because it is still not safe enough for children to go back to school.

I know what you’re thinking here, cases are going down, businesses and other things are getting back on track, and we are adapting to the situation every day for survival, that’s great! But, we are adults, we understand what’s at stake and are better listeners and followers compared to children, yet we do exactly what we aren’t supposed to.

Here are three reasons why schools should continue to remain closed during the pandemic.

3 Reasons Why Schools Should Remain Closed Amidst The Pandemic

1. Under Developed Immune System

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As a child, when you went to school, you must have had many beautiful memories. You played with friends, studied, bunked, slept in class, and so much more. Our children are still young; unlike us adults, their immune system is not as secure.

Children nowadays do not get as much as physical activity and exposure to nature and a natural environment as much as we did as children. Not to forget how they’ve become fussy eaters! Their immune system is not as secure as ours used to be at that age.

To fight a virus-like corona, the immune system has to be able to endure everything that comes with it, which are children are not ready for.

According To A Study – Flushing Toilet Might Spread The Coronavirus

2. They Don’t Follow Rules

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From day one, organizations like WHO and even our government have been asking the general public to avoid going out and to wear masks. How many adults have you seen abiding these rules?

Children have short attention spans and are not as good at following instructions as adults. The children will fidget around, take their masks off, play with their masks, rip them, will not follow the social distancing rule, will hug their friends, will cough or sneeze on their friends, will not wash their hands, and eat with those germ-filled hands too!

In such circumstances, it is highly essential to understand that opening schools mean the chances of an infected child spreading the virus and a healthy child contracting the virus is high.

3. Adults Have Access To Students

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Just like how in the above point, we mentioned a sick child could infect a healthy same, it’s the same with the adults too. An infected adult who has probably found themselves in social activities can put the children at high risk.

If the adult is infected, they can transmit the virus to the entire class, putting the whole school in danger along with the other staff members. Although many individuals are following guidelines, you can never know when something goes wrong.

Hence, as the famous saying goes, “it’s always better to be safe than sorry.”

If you gave any more pointers to share with us about why schools should remain closed, please share them with us in the comments below.

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According To A Study – Flushing Toilet Might Spread The Coronavirus


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