Breast Cancer Awareness
Image Source: Barrie Today

October has begun. We start seeing shops filled with pink products and the advertising laced with the pink outlay. Brands and agencies portray that they stand with people with Breast cancer and announce their fight against the whole phenomenon of beast cancer. Yet, a little less than 50% of women in Pakistan diagnosed with this cancer die, even though it is treatable. So breast cancer awareness is critical. Here are some more reasons why that is so.

1. Knowing risks

Knowing what may cause cancer can lead to women observing their lifestyles. If they find the possible causes in their routine, they will try to get tested for it as soon as possible. And with this illness, it is all about the timing. And this is very important since it is the little things that snowball later on. So if there is increased tobacco use in the household or cancer in the family, these women should be aware that there is a possibility of having the illness. Alcohol, genetics, and age are also significant risk factors here.

Breast Cancer Awareness
Image Source: American Heart Association

2. They can self-examine

The fact that women can self-examine themselves first is another reason why they should have the ae awareness. Because even if they are not comfortable going to the doctors, they can have a preliminary self-diagnosis. If they have the right information, they will diagnose themselves the right way. So, for instance, the technicalities in the self-examination suggest that women should check for tender or swollen breasts a few days after their periods. If they find some abnormality, they can then consult a professional.

3. It CAN BE treated

Everything beyond this point is entirely unnecessary to prove our point here. Back in 2009, around 40,000 women died out of 90,000 diagnosed with breast cancer. Mostly when the fatality rate was as low as 2.6% globally, had they just known about the right symptoms – the lumps in the breast, the swelling, a change to the size or shape of the breast – they would have caught it in time.

Breast Cancer Awareness
Image source: IDPH

Now you cannot avoid breast cancer altogether; you cannot prevent it from happening. Yet, if people know about it, they can treat it. Even earlier on, they can avoid the risks that usually lead to cancer as well. All in all, breast cancer awareness is critical and it should be regularized for the whole year and not just one month.

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