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2020 has been a year of tragedies. From Australian fires to Beirut Explosion, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. And the worst yet was the pandemic because other disasters happen, loss occurs in one go, and people start re-building. But the pandemic, and no vaccine for it in sight, it just kept on destructing. People would fall ill, die, lockdowns would impose, companies shut down, unemployment rise, and families starve. This just kept on happening. So the year has been called cursed. But has this cursed year taught us anything?

It did indeed. The cursed year has given us three essential lessons.

1. Human Touch is important

We had forgotten the importance of the human touch. In the age of the internet, there was just no need to interact with people. This is not to say that the internet was terrible. It did reduce distance when it came to being miles apart. But in staying connected with people miles away, we stopped looking at what was near us. When social distancing was imposed, and people were restricted to get close physically for months and months, it reminded us of the human touch’s importance.

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2. Standing together, supporting 

Amidst the toxicity, we forgot what it was like just to be supportive of other people. But when tragedy struck, when Australians required saving from the fire or Turkey needed support after the earthquake, the world stood there for support. It reminded us that at the end of the day, no matter how distant we get, we need to be there not just for our family or loved ones but for the entire human race. Even if you can’t support people financially, do so morally. It does wonders for the other one on the receiving end.

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3. Love while you can

Not just happiness, even life is fleeting. The death from numerous tragedies in the entire 2020 has reminded us of it. We fight, we bicker, we have ill thoughts, but when the person we do all these things with is no more, it leaves only regrets. So it taught us that we need to love people while we can before they leave our sides.

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The year has been sad. It shouldn’t have been this way. But it has taught us some life lessons that we need to ensure we do not forget. So let’s take the cursed year as a lesson plan and keep the learnings with us forever.

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