3 Common Mistakes Every New Driver Should Avoid!

    mistakes new drivers make
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    Experienced drivers often end up making careless mistakes, imagine what new drivers must feel like behind the wheel.

    At times, the mistakes are petty, but what novice drivers don’t realize is that if it can happen once, it can happen again. And that they won’t be as lucky each time.

    Hence, we have compiled a list of 3 mistakes that new drivers tend to make a lot when they sit behind the wheel.

    1. Drowsy Driving

    drowsy driving
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    If it has been a very long day and you can’t stop yawning, don’t think about driving; instead, take a drop from a friend or get a taxi.

    One of the most common mistakes newbies make is falling asleep behind the wheel that often leads to loss of concentration from the road and numbs the brain.

    New drivers might not have the experience needed to know when they are too tired to drive, so it’s a smart move to take a cautious approach and only get on the road when you know that you are thinking clearly and have had plenty of sleep.

    If you are already on the road, opening the window is not a permanent solution. Instead, find a parking lot or a safe location to take a power nap so that you are back into form.

    2. Not Knowing Routes

    Google Maps
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    In bustling cities, not knowing your way around will have you wandering in allies trying to find your way back.

    Imagine driving in a city like Karachi, were missing out on a single cut can take you to a whole new area. New drivers can use Google Maps and other applications to guide them.

    Moreover, drivers should always check their routes before they leave home, and once again go through all the essential landmarks so that they make fewer mistakes while driving on the road.

    3. Overconfidence- It Can Get You Killed!

    overconfident drivers
    Credits: RACQ

    Young drivers are full of energy and confidence; unfortunately, at times, they have a bit too much of both flowing freely through their veins.

    Beginners need to remember that getting carried away can cost them their lives and risks the lives of those around them.

    “When you have just passed your test, most people think they have learned all they need to know about driving. But the fact is, the next 3-4 years when you are driving daily is where the real learning will happen. I would encourage all new drivers to be very conscious not to get overconfident and continue to drive at safe speeds and within yourself.” Shared Paul from Motor Veso.

    “Two most common mistakes are breaking the speed limit allowed by law and not keeping both hands on the wheel, a big mistake considering they are new to driving. New drivers forget to drive safer during the first year, and, unfortunately, this is the main reason there are many teen driving car accidents.” Marcus Web writes.

    Which other mistakes do you think we should add to the list?

    Share your answers with us below.