Best phones for gaming
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Every year, Nvidia and AMD both release new graphics cards, with better performance and capabilities. Some of these cards can be considered overpriced, but many are relatively reasonable regarding what they have to offer. However, not everyone prefers to build a whole gaming rig. Instead, many users want a handier, mobile gaming experience. In light of this, here are three best phones that offer a smooth gaming experience.

Phones for gaming
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1. Huawei Nova 7i (Mid-Range Contender):

The Huawei Nova 7i can serve as one of the best candidates available for a smooth gaming experience. Its features and specifications stretch out quite far. It houses a RAM of 8GB, which is more than ample to handle gaming applications like PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9, etc. YouTube reviews show how well the games can run at high settings.

With its Octa-core chipset and a 4200mAH battery, hours and hours of continuous gaming is guaranteed. In Pakistan, the phone costs about Rs.40, 000/- When looking at its specifications, it can be considered a flagship phone, posing undercover as a mid-range gaming phone!

If diving into the gaming details, PUBG was set to run at HD settings with absolute ease, and Asphalt 9 also ran with no issues in performance. For further reviewing,

Every feature, combined, makes Huawei Nova 7i good for gaming.

2. OnePlus 6 (Flagship Contender)

OnePlus, albeit not known for its robust body, is still one of the greatest phone brands ever to grip the essence of technology. The writer of this article has employed OnePlus 3T, and that phone was an entire beast at the core of it. From RAM to chipset to storage, few phones stand ahead of OnePlus 6.

With a SnapDragon 825 chipset, this monster of a phone is relentless in its pursuit to be the very best phone. Like all flagship phones, it offers RAM in the range of 6 and 8 GB, more than ample for gaming. Its display is quite beautiful, providing a more immersive, smooth gaming experience. One puts on a pair of headphones, and they will forget anything that exists outside of their own gaming space.

In terms of game reviews, PUBG Mobile stood out quite well in performance, including the perfect rendering of grass models, water models, and long-range drawing. However, its battery power is not as high as the Huawei Nova 7i. It is still capable of running for an extended period, though, with 10% dropping over 30 minutes.

In Pakistan, this phone is priced at about Rs.63,000/-

3. Samsung Note 10+ (Long Running Contender ):

Samsung has been the most extended runner in the tech race if one compares Samsung, Huawei, and OnePlus. The S-series and the Note-series are notably the most efficient in terms of performance. With the release of Samsung Note 10+, however, there has been a revolution in mobile gaming. Even though it is considered a high flagship phone, anyone who wishes to experience smooth gaming on a high-tier can buy it.

It houses RAM of 8GB and storage space of 256GB, so the user can download as many games as they wish to. With a chipset that is Octa-Core, two cores at 2.73 GHz, this phone is not to be trifled with. It can be said that such a game does not exist on the AppStore that cannot run on this phone. Hardly a handful of phones can hold a candle to this one. This phone is a titan in the area of specifications and price.

The current price in Pakistan is set at Rs.1,70,000/-

Thus, these can be considered as 3 of the best gaming phones for a smooth experience.

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