Creative Product Packaging

Check out some of the world’s most imaginative packaging designs for everyday products. Apparently it does not take Metaphysics nor rocket science to make an ordinary product stand out dramatically, from all the other in the rack – in fact all it needs, all it ever needed was – dedication, bravery and a hint of innovation.

Modern day advertisement is consumed in television advertisements, print ads and social media activation – in turn missing out on a more tangible and perpetual touch point – Packaging.

This is the difference; creative packaging can make for the product. After all, shelf existence is one in all the more significant aspect for any merchandise.

1. In a poetic and very functional gesture, Note Headphones show us once again that “less is more”.

Creative Product Packaging_1

2. You’ll never guess the real product unless you open the packaging to see it’s actually a T-shirt. 

Creative Product Packaging_2


3. These unique light bulb shaped bottle is a creative reference to the energy-giving properties of the drink. 

Creative Product Packaging_3


4. Tired of finding places to keep your shoes? These hanging lace shoes will give you plenty of space and free decor for your room!

Creative Product Packaging_4

5. Target your heavy food areas with Nobilin’s Tablets.

Creative Product Packaging_5

6. How About Having Tea with Hanging Tea Bags?

 Creative Product Packaging_6

7. Fruit-Shaped Kleenex tissue boxes will surely add color to your dining tables.

Creative Product Packaging_7

8. Butter Better’s amazing packaging scores full points for portability.

Creative Product Packaging_8

9. Nike’s Stadium Shoe Boxes are worth-keeping even after you’ve worn the shoes out.

Creative Product Packaging_9


10. Festina Profunda presented their watches in a transparent bag filled with distilled water to prove watch’s outstanding quality at point of sale contact.

Creative Product Packaging_10

11. No, they aren’t your stationery items but towel covers indeed!

Creative Product Packaging_11

12. Take the Parmesan Pencil, sharpen it using the enclosed sharpener, and you have delicious, fresh Parmesan cheese on your meal.

Creative Product Packaging_12

Creative Product Packaging_13

13. Designed to create fear among smokers – a pack of cigarettes in a coffin shaped box.

Creative Product Packaging_14

14. NYC Spaghetti 

Creative Product Packaging_15

15. Who says taking pills have to be a revolting task? You can always make it pleasant with these Flower Pills

Creative Product Packaging_16

16. Gnome bread packaging looks cute and we’re assuming it’ll taste even better!

Creative Product Packaging_17

17. This bag is a sure way to keep all lunch snatching bullies away from your delicious lunch boxes

Creative Product Packaging_18

18. Blush Match Boxes

Creative Product Packaging_19

19. You’ll never guess which face is actual real! 

Creative Product Packaging_20