15 Friends Episodes to Air on HBO Max and We’re Excited

15 Friends Episodes
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Friends – If you did not see it during your childhood, then you must have seen it on the night before your calculus exam at the university. No one? Was it just me? Oh, scratch that. The point is, you must have seen this series, and if not, you must still have heard about it at some point. And that iconic series is getting re-aired at HBO Max – At least some of it. Would you like to know which 15 friends episodes are getting aired? Then wait no more and scroll away!

1. The One With the East German Laundry Detergent

This episode changed how we would say ‘Oh My God.’ Yep, this introduced her. She was annoying, but we loved her. Janice, we are VERY excited to see you again.


2. The One With the Prom Video

‘The camera adds 10 pounds’

‘Really? How many cameras were on you.’

Oh, Monica and Chandler were the best ships ever in all two hundred and thirty-six episodes.


3. The One Where No One’s Ready

‘Could I be wearing any more clothes?’

If you think Chandler said it… GO BACK WATCH THE WHOLE THING AGAIN!


4. The One With the Jellyfish

You have to pee if the jellyfish stings you. This one statement is enough to remind any true Friends fan what happens at the beach stays at the beach.


5. The One With the Embryos

Ok, this would be a bizarre episode if not explained adequately. Phoebe conceives the children for her brother and his wife. But you can always watch it again. But trust me, it was one of the best episodes.


And the rest of the 10 were:

6. The One With All the Wedding Dresses


7. The One With All the Thanksgivings


8. The One With All the Resolutions


9. The One Where Everybody Finds Out


10. The One Where Ross Got High


11. The One With the Routine


12. The One That Could Have Been, Parts 1 and 2


13. The One With Unagi


14. The One With All the Cheesecakes

Remember the one where Chandler and Monica kept stealing cheesecakes. And the cheesecake falls, and they love it so much that they start eating off of the floor. And almost as if healthy Joey turns up with a spare spoon in the jacket pocket. Well, Joey depicts us, doesn’t he?


15. The One Where Ross Is Fine

Ok, Ross is excellent. The shrill in his voice is normal. Didn’t you notice it before? Well, everything is fine as long as we have margaritas…


Fellow Friends fans, would you agree that these 15 friends episodes are the best of all 236 episodes aired or do you disagree. Do tell us, what do you think; which episode is truly the best one?

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