pakistan independence day

It’s not every day you celebrate 76 years of independence – Running around, decorating streets, and the entire house with flags and buntings.

Painting our faces white and green, or just going out and having fun are some things we do on 14th August. However, sometimes we forget some important points that we must remember while celebrating independence day.

Let’s take a look at some things one shouldn’t do on Independence day.

1. Throw Litter on Road

Keep your country clean!

2. Block Road Traffic

Avoid blocking the road nobody wants to spend their holiday on a blocked road.

3. Bad Mouth about Your Country

Always respect your Country, even if there are problems because this same land gave you food, shelter and made you everything that you are today.

4. Damage Public Property

Treat it as your own, set an example for the young generation, teach them what it truly means to be a Pakistani.

5. Avoid going outdoors to celebrate

Overcrowding the city will only make it difficult for you to celebrate 14th August.

6. Over Speeding

Avoid Over Speeding and Getting yourself killed, please!

7. Dangerous Stunts on bike

Don’t try to be “COOL” you’ll end you with a fracture on a hospital bed where you could have been out enjoying the night! The choice is yours.

8. Overcrowd the malls

Azadi Sales are up but please avoid overcrowding the malls on 14th August, give everyone a chance to enjoy their weekend with their families and friends so that everyone can get what they came for, a pleasant holiday!

9. Spit Paan on Ground

The government invests millions and billions every year to improve on infrastructure! What do we do with it? Paint it red in paan spit because we were just too lazy to walk over to a trash bin down the road, cause a clean highway is just not possible!

10. Litter the Sea Side

Thousands gather at seasides to celebrate; they come with happiness and patriotism and leave with trash and gunk all over the sand and inside the sea. Is this what independence means?

11. Play Loud Music

Our anthem and national music remind us of the glorious years our men and women have dedicated to serving this country. However, playing music at top volume means you can be disturbing a sick patient, or you just woke up a cranky baby! Inside voices and volumes, people!

12. Dance on Street

Dancing is a beautiful way to express yourself and your emotions, however, dancing in the middle of the streets where hundreds of cars are trying to pass through is undoubtedly a bad idea. Try to avoid crowded places like the road and stick to the sidewalks!

13. Tear Buntings and Flags

Respect your national flag and buntings; this flag represents who you are, where you came from, and is your identity!

14. Aerial Firing

Every time we celebrate something special, it has become a tradition to commence celebrations with the ritual of aerial firing. However, those who are firing these bullets often forget that what goes up must come down. Each time a bullet comes down, it takes an innocent life with it, do not kill someone’s lifeline!

You should avoid this throughout the year. Not just on 14th August!

Show your love for your country by respecting it as much as you can.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Contributed By: Sakina Haider