We all have dreamt at least one to enter and adapt the corporate-life. Everyone is excited for their first day at work. Crisp shirt, ironed pants, combed hair, and a laptop in hand, this is how they enter the office with hopes of earning success in a few month.

But this sweet bubble of joy soon bursts when the reality of corporate life hits you. Nonetheless, we are here to help you out.

Here are a few harsh facts of the “office world” that you need to know before you step into the corporate world.

1. Showing Efficiency is Actually a Loss

If you are efficient enough, you will always be overburdened by extra tasks.

2. Money is Worshipped 

No matter how much you are enjoying doing your job, there will come a time when you will wake up at 7 in the morning only for the sake of earning money.

3. Boring Meetings are a Part of Life

You will soon realize that most of the meeting are senseless, boring and obviously a waste of time.

4. No one’s Happy with you

If you are lazy and sluggish, your boss will hate you. If you are proactive, your colleagues will hate you. No matter what you do, you will end up always being hated on.

5. Office Politics are Neverending

Office politics is definitely NOT a myth. It is a nightmare! Even if you breath, you are a part of politics.

6. And then you LITERALLY Have ONLY 1 friend at work

It comes with the best perk though, you have that1 person on whom you can trust and they make your life at office survivable. Thank you for your existence BFF!

7. And then your “Only Partner” Takes a Day Off!

But then the nightmare! Your partner in crime is absent. *cries in the corner*

8. Company > You… Forever!

Your personal growth is none of the company’s concern. All that matters is what you contribute to the company.

9. Extra Shifts are NOT Fun at all!

You agree to an extra-shift. Yes! You want money! But then you know the regret of waking up on a Sunday morning. You start questioning your entire existence!10. Voluntary work becomes your Responsibility

Oh! So we heard that you are willing to do this work for a week. Good! You have to do it for the rest of your life now. And yes, for free. *Gives an evil smile*

11. Working with People you Dislike

You will learn to smile and work with people whom you will always hate. But of course! You love your job… or maybe the money.

12. There’s always a SPY

And there’s this “nosey aunty” or “judgemental phupo” at your workplace who, for free, keeps an eye on all of your work and give reports to your boss. Beware! You’re being watched right now!

13. Your Rights are Ignored!

As an employee, you have very few, or no rights at all. Your rights will be ignored like the middle child of the house.

14. No matter what, you HAVE to ‘Love’ your Job!

But in the end, you love your job and your workplace.

So, are you ready to start your corporate life yet?

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Contributed By:Umaima Nadeem