April fool pranks

We have all been a part of failed April Fool’s pranks in the past and we are tired of not pulling that perfect prank that might result in us being hated for the rest of our lives but hey, anything for a good laugh!

This April Fool’s day; think bigger and think better! Here is a list of the ‘best of the best’ pranks that you all must try! Have a look.

1. Head in the Bed

Start the day by reminding your friends how lucky (or not) they are to have you!

head in the bed prank for April fool's day

2. Toilet Surprise

All you need to do is take out a colored printout of anybody’s face (can be your or some movie character) on an A4 page and attach it to the underside of the toilet seat facing upside-down. Now close the lid and just wait for your prey.



I can already imagine their shocked faces. You must document the moment in order to show it to your friends.

3. Toothpasty Oreos

The classic toothpaste-in-the-oreo can never get wrong.

April fool pranks

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4. Voice Command

This means taking things up a notch. Make an official-looking label for the office paper towel dispenser/hand dryer that says “Voice Activated: Say ‘Paper Towel Please‘.” or “Voice Activated: Say’Hot Air Please‘.” Then listen and laugh while your co-workers try out the new technology!




5. It’s a blast

You can do either or both. Let’s just say that you will have a blast.

April fool pranks

This seems even funnier!

air horn 26. Drippy

Play a little nice and get your friend a glass of water. Oh wait, I forgot to mention a little detail. Make sure that it’s a plastic disposable cup and also don’t forget to drill a few holes on the top of the cup. And watch the magic!

April fool pranks

7. Bathroom Is Occupied. Sorry!

Bathroom is occupied

8. Post it Car

Well, that’s colorful!

April fool pranks April fool pranks9. Hiding in the box

And this is always a winner!

box10. Window Shopping Troll

Take your friends to window shopping. Shopping plus April fool’s prank equals to a perfect day!

April fool pranks

11. Mentos Ice Bombs

Surprise your soda-lover friends by putting these Mentos ice bombs in their soda.


12. Rubber Band

Cover your friend’s belongings like their phone or keychains with rubber bands.

April fool pranks13. Sweet Onions

Oh yum. Onions covered in chocolate and sprinkles. Pure Evil! I feel bad for those who’ll actually taste these.

April fool pranks

After doing this to your friends, make sure to watch every step you take. You are living in a dangerous world and you have new sworn enemies! *Just Kidding* Let us know how it goes.

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