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Mostly everywhere you will see that a minority has to suffer at the hands of intolerant extremists. Numerous minority groups in Pakistan are also suffering and the transgender community is on the top of the list. The intolerance happens because the transgender community is not very visible in Pakistan except for the begging on the streets. But now, measures are being taken for them to find Pakistan as their home.

Lets’s look at some of the moments where Pakistan made them feel like they are really its citizens.

1. First transgender school in Multan

The government is starting the very first school for the community in Multan. They plan to start one such school in every district of Punjab.

2. First transgender school in Lahore

The Gender Guardian is the first transgender school in Lahore that was started by an NGO. The idea is to teach the community some skills so that they will be able to pay their bills and have a lifestyle fit for any other Pakistani. The skills include

  • Computer and mobile repair
  • Graphic designing
  • Fashion designing
  • Hairstyling
  • Beautician

3. First transgender anchor

Marvia Malik became the first news transgender anchor on Pakistani television. The debut happened in 2018.

4. First Transgender Lawyer

Nisha Rao is the first transgender lawyer. She has already dealt with more than 50 cases. Knowing the discrimination her community feels, she makes sure that the cases she chooses are not based on discrimination. Hence, she has fought cases for transgendered and cis-gendered people alike.

Transgender Lawyer
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5. First Transgender doctor

Sarah Gill became the first transgender doctor in Pakistan almost a decade ago.

6. Kashmir’s First Transgender Makeup Artist

Manu Bebo was not one to wait around for life to give her an opportunity. She decided to find it herself. Since she always had an interest in makeup, she decided to polish earn from that. She has made a name for herself in Kashmir and already has thousands of followers on social media.

7. Pakistan, the First Country to Recognize Transgender Woman in UN Committee

The delegation was to engage in dialogue on the matter of women empowerment and their rights. Participating in the talks was Aisha Mughal, a transgender woman from Pakistan.

8. GCU Allocates Seats For Transgenders

Government College University, Lahore announced last year that trans people will be able to enroll in undergraduate courses. Seats in various departments have been allocated.

9. Law against abusing transgender community

Initially, there was not even a law to protect the transgender community. But now, even if the law enforcers are biased against them, at least a law exists to protect them. And if you are caught abusing transgenders, you can even go to jail.

10. Transgender woman’s food delivery startup

Back in 2019, a trans woman by the name of Moon started her own food delivery startup. She focuses her target group on the office goers of Lahore.

11. Allama Iqbal University launch free program

Since 2017, Allama Iqbal Open University has been offering free education programs to trans people.

12. Transgender led Tailor shop

On 21st March this year, a Trans led tailor shop was inaugurated by the NGO headed by Nisha Rao, the transgender lawyer. The shop is located in Jinnah Complex Apartment and Shopping Mall on MA Jinnah Road.

These 12 proud moments are only a start. We need more such powerful examples to feel the pride to its full extent.

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