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Karachi is a huge city. It is so huge that you can travel in it for two hours and still not reach the end of it. With this size also comes a massive amount of traffic for the city. If you are caught out in the traffic anywhere between 6 pm to 8 pm, you are stuck. You will stay in the traffic for the duration and reach home all tired. However, to make transit easier, Karachi has had a bus service introduced. This is the red bus service as well as the white bus service.

These buses have designated routes that run through various parts of the city. No matter which area you wish to go, there will be a route present for you. These buses are marked by their route numbers and are running after every 10-15 minutes or so. You do not have to wait too long for one to arrive.

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Karachi Bus Service

To make sure you can check the routes, we are going to list them down for you. Whether you are someone from the P.E.C.H.S area or your office is located in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, these routes will help you. This bus service runs well-maintained, air conditioned buses that have ample space. Even if you are unable to sit, you can stand quite comfortably. Additionally, no matter how full the bus is, the air conditioning remains strong and one feels pleasant either ways.

The Routes of the Bus are as follows,

Route 1 (From Model Colony to Dockyard; 28 kms)

Route 2 (Power House to Indus Hospital; 30 kms)

Route 3 (Power House to Shaan Chowrangi; 31 kms)

Route 4 (Power House to Tower; 21 kms)

Route 9 (Gulshan e Hadeed to Tower; 42 kms)

Route 10 (Numaish Chowrangi to Ibrahim Hyderi; 28 kms)

Route 11 (Shireen Jinnah Colony to Miran Nakka Lyari; 19 kms)

Route 12 (Khokrapar to Lucky Star Saddar; 31 kms)

To Check out the details of the stops on each of these routes, you can visit the official website.

Apart from the Red Bus, there is also an electric white bus service that has three designated routes.

EV-1 (Tank Chowk to Clock Tower DHA; 28 kms)

EV-2 (Bahria Town to Malir Halt; 30 kms)

EV-3 (Malir Cantt Check Post 5 to Numaish; 20 kms)

Additionally, there is a Pink Bus that is dedicated to run just for women. It runs on the following routes.

Pink Bus (on R1, R2 and R10 Routes)

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The Fare

What is most interesting is that the fare of these air-conditioned well-maintained buses does not exceed more than Rs.100/- per passenger. If your stop is nearer from where you were picked, your fare will be Rs.50/-. If you intend to travel far, then the fare will be Rs.100/-. This seems like an extremely reasonable rate considering how expensive fuel is.

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