Pakistani singers
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Music is the food of the soul. We have heard of it but when it comes to Pakistan’s mainstream music industry, there is only a handful of singers that you are introduced to. So for instance, you would only know of Atif Aslam or Asim Azhar alongside a couple of others. But what if we were to tell you that social media has given a platform to various young Pakistani singers who are absolutely amazing and you should totally be following them.

1. _singstram

Asim Azhar’s song is already close to your heart and when someone else does justice to it, that person automatically gets space in your heart. And Singstram aka Afifa Moin totally does it justice.

2. annuralkhalid

With more than 158k followers, the girl keeps on winning more fans with every new release.

3. zouqan

When you have got a good voice and are able to give your own twist to extraordinary numbers, you deserve a place on the list.

4. aishaijlal

Aisha Ijlal is one of those Pakistani singers who have beauty and talent both. Her voice mesmerizes the listener into not moving away from her blog.

5. mubeenbutt

Another singer you should totally be following is Mubeen Butt. Considering he already has more than 127k followers, he must have the talent so you do not need for us to prove it now, do you?

Some other Pakistani singers you should check out are:

6. hasan_raheem

7. sheheryarrehanmusic

8. maanusmusic

9. penah.ali

10. Janzebmusic

Following doesn’t matter as long as you have talent, and well, this singer definitely seems talented. So go and decide for yourself.

So are you checking them out or not? Let us know in the comments when you do and if you are going to follow them or not. We’ll wait to hear from you.

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