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If you have dedicated your life to movies and your friends call you a walking, talking movie encyclopedia then you’ve clicked on the right article. Here we have compiled a list of things that all movie geeks can relate to. Let’s begin!

1. You ALWAYS know which new movies are about to come out before your friends do

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Chances are that you’ll probably end up re-watching them with your friends, but hey… You’re not complaining! You’ll watch a movie at any chance you get!

2. You’re the Gordon Ramsay of the movie world      

Since you’ve watched so many already, you’re now probably able to predict the plot of any new movie you see.

You’re a huge critic, and it becomes way too difficult for you to actually find a movie that you enjoy. Tragic, really

3. Eighteen-hour flights mean eighteen hours of nonstop entertainment

If you’ve ever been on a long flight and had the opportunity to watch movies, you’ve probably spent the ENTIRE flight glued to your screen, watching one film after another. Sleep? What’s that?

4. Horror for movie geeks: plane rides you’ve taken which don’t offer entertainment onboard.

(Jumping off has probably crossed your mind at least once … don’t lie)

5. People who make the idiotic decision to utter even ONE word during a movie should be banned from the cinema altogether

You HATE anyone and everyone who decides to talk during a movie. Suddenly you find yourself resisting the urge to snip their vocal cords so that they never speak again

(I apologize if this seems brutal, but the frustration felt when dealing with such people is otherworldly)

6. You tend to get very emotionally attached to the movie

Suddenly you find yourselves empathizing with the characters as if you’ve known them your whole life.

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It’s an unhealthy attachment, but it’s one you simply cannot help.

7. You’re a complete wreck by the time the movie ends

You’ve probably cried unapologetically at any sad/emotional scene you’ve watched.

When Fred died in Harry Potter, there’s a good chance you cried as if you yourself had lost a brother.

8. Anyone who dares to dislike one of your favorite films is automatically someone you hate.

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It infuriates you when someone else cannot appreciate the cinematic excellence of a film in the same way you can.

9. You can’t sit down to have a meal if a movie isn’t playing on a screen in front of you. 

What do people do whilst they eat then? Stare into space?

10.You’ve memorized multiple parts of your favorite movies

Your music playlists are filled with songs from movie soundtracks and you’re constantly quoting lines from films whenever and wherever they fit into your daily life

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All in all, you may be an obsessive, fanatic movie lover, but it’s what you love most about yourself and you would never want to change that.

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Amani Mehboob

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