Being a media science student is a really tough job, and not everyone has the guts to pursue this field!

You have to be uber creative, super crazy and extremely daring to be a part of the ‘media’ gang

Here is a list of 10  things, we bet every media sciences student in Pakistan can relate to!

  1. When people ask you, “What exactly is it that you do?”

No one understands what you mean by being a “media student”. And when you try telling them, they end up asking questions like, “oh so when will we be seeing you on TV?”

  1. When they compare you to their doctor and engineer kids.

No thank you, I’m good!

  1. Your group members become your superhero squad.

They are the only ones who can truly understand you.

  1. Being the DSLR guy, everyone keeps asking you to take their pictures.

You become the “TO GO GUY” for this and all females of your university, become your best friends.  ‘Kyun k Har Rooz New FB Profile Photo Chahye’

FB Profile Photo Chahye’

  1.  You are forced to cast your friends and family in your short film!

    While you are short on budget and can not afford a superstar for your movie project, you resort to casting your ‘choti behn’ or ‘parosi ka bacha‘ in your short film

  1. Even after 3 years of study, you are still not sure if you are on the right path.

Maybe, you should’ve become a scientist instead.   

  1. You can talk about anything and everything.

Be it world politics, terrorism, financial crisis or commenting on someone’s social skills or even just talking about the weather, you can do it all.

  1. People they think it’s all fun and games

Oh sure, try completing 5 research papers, 3 short films, 2 animations and a photography assignment all in one day!

  1. You can make others do the silliest things possible.

That’s where all the fun comes in. While pretending to take an audition, you get to be the SIMON of your very own X FACTOR.

  1. The pain you go through when your editing software breathes its last!

    After hours of never-ending render, your PC crashes and you realize that you have to start it all over again!


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