10 PUBG Hacks And Cheats You Should Know About
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PlayerUnknown Battleground or PUBG is a game played worldwide with loyal and arduous fans. The game has over 50 million copies sold worldwide and has upwards of 87 million players daily. The numbers are enormous, and so is love!

PUBG hacks
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Hacks to Know

With the game now back on the radar after Pakistan’s official urban, here are some tricks you can use to be the best at it:

  1. A low profile will help you stay safe. Try to be tactical and make sure you are hard to spot. Doing things like staying under ridgelines as you move through the high ground is an option. Or sprinting and running randomly in the open makes you a hard target to shoot at.
  2. Remain in a cover always. Remember to keep scanning your surroundings so that you don’t get ambushed. You can be safe and not sorry for doing this.
  3. Either keep your microphone in contact with the team or save if off. By accidentally putting it on ‘all’ your enemies can know of your location.
  4. Keep searching for a suppressor for the last stages. Shooting with a suppressor will be the best for you to retain your position. 
  5. Suppose an enemy; crouch is confronting you! When you crouch, you can still shoot them straight, but they have to aim again. 
  6. The main objective is survival. After that, you focus on kill shots being high. Try to survive first, and don’t take any shots you know you won’t be able to finish. 
PUBG hacks
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Did You Know?

  1. PUBG has a vigilante software system that monitors the game for possible cheat codes or hacks. It’s called the BattlEye, and this proactive anti-cheat protection system puts an energetic shield around the entire game.
  2. If the BattlEye spots you, the system corrupts your data and throws you out of the system. So you have to use this guide discreetly.
  3. Don’t kill your team-mates even by accident. If you indulge in team-killing or injuring your team members, then your rating goes down. If your rating goes under 60, you will be unable to join squad or duo matches until your rating goes back above.
  4. After the Radar hack cheat code ban on users, PUBG has now released an Anti-Cheat and Reporting feature in the game. This can be used to report players in real-time if unfair means of gameplay are used. 
PUBG hacks
Image Source: The Verge

All in all, PUBG is an exhilarating game that you can play just for the sake of it too. But if you’re looking to join the big leagues, this is for you!

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