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Every year, we get to see something quite interesting. While not everything may be upbeat and positive, some of these things can really catch a person’s eye. Many things have gone viral in 2023 and they have made the news overnight or within minutes. Yes, we are talking about the various moments you opened up your smartphone and saw everyone talking about the same thing.

That said, let us take a look at all the things that went viral in 2023. Let us take a rewind and recap of the entire past year, from funny to serious moments.

1. Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Third Marriage

Of course, we cannot talk about viral things and leave out the marriage news that enveloped the internet. When the famous tv personality tied the knot a third time, it was met with quite a viral response, with everyone talking about it.

Iqrar ul Hasan and Pakistan news
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2. Erica Robin Going Viral

We can safely say that Pakistan is making huge strides in the culture and fashion industry as well. Erica Robin participated in a beauty pageant where more than 80 countries participated. While she did not make it to the top 10, she did make it to the top 20 and won the title of Miss Universe Pakistan in September earlier this year.

erica and viral things in 2023
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3. Ducky’s Audi E-Tron

YouTube famed personality, Ducky Bhai, garnered quite a lot of attention when he recently purchased a brand new Audi E-Tron GT. Yes, the YouTube star purchased the high-performance electric vehicle and his fans absolutely loved it. He credited his purchase to his fans who have helped him reach where he is.

ducky gets new audi etron
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4. Abdul Razzaq And Aishwarya Rai Go Viral

This was one of the biggest viral moments of the year, as cricketer Abdul Razzaq made some offensive comments with the Indian Actress in context. He was quoted to have said, Actually, we don’t have good intentions to develop and polish players in Pakistan. If you think that by marrying Aishwarya Rai, a good and pious kid would be born, it would never happen.’

He then later apologized to her for his remarks and stated that he had made a mistake.

5. Lion Roaming Free On Shahra-e-Faisal

Of course, we cannot forget the moment when residents of Karachi were going about their day and came across a free roaming lion. Yes, the huge animal was seen freely roaming the sidewalk next to Shahra-e-Faisal. Apparently, the lion had been taken out on a drive by its owners and had jumped free from the car that carried him.

It was caught and confiscated, with an apology issued from the owners.

6. Super Mario Movie Uploaded on Twitter

It came as quite the shock when we found out that the entire Mario movie had been uploaded to twitter before its timely release. This caused quite a moment of chaos on the internet as people rushed to watch it before it got taken down.

mario movie on twitter gone
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7. Chinese Spy Balloon

A Chinese spy balloon made its way across US and Canada. Yes, a white balloon the size of three buses floated its way across their airspace. The balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina. Debris analysis by the military revealed that it had been used for surveillance. This was despite the Chinese government’s claims that it was merely a civilian airship blown off course.

balloon and chinese conspiracy
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8. The Ken Block News

Where there is upbeat and positive news, the death of famed rally driver Ken Block was quite a hit to many fans. He was known as one of the best people to ever grace the racing and drifting circuit and was adored world-wide. The year started with somber news of his death due to an accident.

drifting with ken block
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9. Jeremy Renner Snow Accident

This was another accident that went viral on the internet at the start of the year. Actor Jeremy Renner, in attempting to save his nephew, was run over by his snow plow. However, after weeks and months of extensive treatment, the actor has come out of the event quite well.

jeremy renner in an accident
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10. ‘This Barbie’ gone Viral

Fans could visit to become their own Barbie or Ken, and Twitter and Instagram timelines were soon flooded with custom images of friends, coworkers, and celebs. This also became quite viral, other than the Ken memes of ‘He is literally me’.

barbie meme going all viral
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These moments, whether positive or somber, had its viral effects on the population.

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