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Clothes are a product that has a market all over the world. It is not region-centric. But it’s production definitely is. The manufacturers are business people who want to limit their expenses as much as possible. So even if they have the target market residing in France, the UK, or the USA, they will establish their manufacturing plants in the countries with low-cost labor, for instance.

For instance, while they would have to pay one worker 200 US dollars abroad, but only 2 USD somewhere else, a sane person would definitely choose the latter. And these countries are, most of the time, underdeveloped or developing countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

Let’s look at some international brands that have a target market abroad but do their manufacturing right here in Pakistan.

1. Adidas

Could you have guessed that even Adidas makes its products in Pakistan?


2. Artistic Denim

The brand has a target market in France, and in New York, they produce their denim in Pakistani factories.

Image Source: Sourcing Journal

3. Wilsons

Wilsons is a US-based retailer which excels in leather apparel for many TGs. They, as you can see,  also  do their production in Pakistan.

4. Interloop

Interloop is one other brand that does its manufacturing in Pakistan.

Image Source: Interloop

5. Zara

Did you know that the world-famous Zara that people go crazy over is also producing in Pakistan? Well, they are.

Image Source: Glamour

6. H & M

Next time you go to buy H&M to spends hundreds and thousands of dollars, remember, they got that manufactured in hundreds or probably a few thousand rupees.

made in pakistan
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7. Next

Next, too, does its manufacturing in Pakistan. It’s no Italian suits, but then again, I wouldn’t know the difference.

8. Mango

Let’s be honest; they do look cool. But if they are being made in Pakistan, why can’t we access them right here instead of going abroad first, getting a raised price tag, and then coming back.

made in pakistan
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9. Forever 21

Forever 21 is another brand that has factories in Pakistan. The dresses do look very chic. And when one gets to know that these products get made in Pakistan, one feels a certain comradeship with the clothes.

forever 21
Image Source: USA Today

10. Guess Los Angeles

Look a little closely, would you? There it is, the tag for ‘Made in Pakistan’.

made in pakistan

But if you are one of those who like to buy your clothes from abroad or feel accomplished at ignoring local products for abroad, remember that all these west people are getting their products made here. Now, that’s some irony. However, I do agree that the quality of products made for the international audience is way better compared to what is made for Pakistan.

That said, it makes one really proud seeing the name of Pakistan spreading all over the world.

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