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We’re always committing fashion sins knowingly or unknowingly, in our daily lives. However, once you read this list you will understand that it’s mostly unknowingly with a hint of poor choices. Read about these and promise never to make them again!

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1. The Basic Winter Fashion Sin

An outfit consisting of leggings, a North Face jacket, and UGGs. Wear a pea coat, jeggings, and leather boots as an alternative. Check out Kenny Thapoung’s “A Cheaper Winterwear” column from October 18.

fashion sins unknowingly
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2. Ditch Bro Couture

“Bro couture,” or gym shorts, a fitting cap, ripped-sleeved shirts, socks with sandals, etc. Instead, dress casually in a pair of boat shoes, some well-fitting trousers, and a cosy sweater (not a hoodie).

3. Ultra Casual Dressing Fashion Sin

Sweatpants or pyjamas for class. Comfort need not be unattractive. For ladies, casual leggings or jeans offer a stylish substitute.

fashion sins unknowingly
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4. Go For Neutrals For Bottoms

Colors on the bottom half are unnatural. The colour shouldn’t be on your body if it doesn’t occur naturally. Period. Your allies should be neutrals.

5. The Wrong Socks

White socks cannot be worn with black shoes, socks cannot be shown above the ankle, and black socks are your pals. Socks cannot be worn with heels.

fashion sins unknowingly
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6. Jeans and What?

Jeans and running shoes or hiking boots. Running sneakers with jeans are not appropriate unless you’re going to the gym in your Sunday best.

7. Colored Coats Are A Fashion Sin

Again, natural colors are your friend. Burberry doesn’t make unnatural colors for a reason so always opt for neutrals for outerwear.

fashion sins unknowingly
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8. No Neon Colours

Neon colors outside of a club are a fashion sin and we do it unknowingly. There’s no need to be wearing neon unless you’re wearing this to a highlighter party or summer night. 

9. Ditch Cargo

Cargo pants are also a fashion sin. Unless you plan on carrying the contents of your backpack in your pants, there is no reason to wear them, don’t get bashed!

fashion sins unknowingly
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10. Not Wearing Clothes Our Size

Don’t go for ill-fitting clothing. Either buy them your size or maintain a healthy lifestyle in the gym. We all gain weight now and then, perhaps opt for flowy silhouettes then to avoid ill-fitting clothes.

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