10 Etiquette Mistakes You Need To Stop Making By 30

10 Etiquettes Mistakes You Need To Stop Making By 30
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There are things that some people find highly annoying yet the person doing it fails to notice. Here’s a list of basic etiquette mistakes that you need to stop making by the age of 30:

1. Sharing embarrassing stories in a toast

If you’ve been chosen to offer a toast at a wedding, birthday, or other honorable occasions, be sure what you’re saying is in fact honoring the individual. After all, it’s a toast, not a roast. To put it another way, reserve the amusing tale of their puke-filled spring break for your buddy group chat.

2. Sneezing into your hands

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Sneezes can occur suddenly, leaving you only a few seconds to decide where to direct the spray. For many of us, sneezing into our hands or, worse yet, just into the air is the default position.  At the very least, tilt your head away from other people or sneeze into your elbow. If you begin to sneeze more than once, leave the room.

3. Using a napkin to blow your nose

You are in possession of a napkin, which is something used to clean up body fluids. Right, so you blow your nose into your napkin. Wrong. While it’s OK to use your napkin to wipe away tears, drool, or food off your face, polite society forbids snot. You should use a tissue in the restroom if you need to blow your nose.

4. Setting your phone on the table

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Although keeping your phone in your line of sight can help you stay on top of your alerts, it is quite rude. Everyone, including yourself, has a less enjoyable dining experience because it is diverting your focus from the company you are with.

5. Using emojis in your work email

According to corporate image consultant and president of Henry A. Davidsen Image Consultants Brian Lipstein, “Too many people regard emails to work colleagues like text messages in professional settings.” Don’t be informal in any of your conversations for business, he advises. According to convention, business emails should still begin formally and contain a suitable subject line, a greeting, full sentences, and a professional conclusion.

6. Sending error-filled texts from your phone

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When texting your employer or coworkers, poor language and spelling are never acceptable justifications for being on the go. Correct spelling and grammar must be used, and proofreading is essential. It’s important to keep in mind that even if this is “only a text,” it still represents you, your beliefs, the caliber of your work, and generally creates an impact on the reader.

7. Using a handshake as a show of dominance

The skill of shaking hands is vanishing in our contemporary, casual world. Too many males and females lack the right handshake technique. A weak “limp fish” shake, a crushing “dominant” shake, holding for an excessive amount of time, or gripping with the opposite hand are all mistakes. A good handshake should be solid without being too strong for the other person.

8. Posting everything you do on social media

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Teenagers may publish details about their food, sleep, and other activities, but by the time you reach adulthood, you should be censoring your feeds. There are lots of compelling reasons to exercise caution when posting anything online, including identity theft, worries about privacy, and job issues.

9. Sitting when being introduced to someone

In general, while being introduced for the first time, both parties should be standing. Therefore, if you meet a new individual and are seated at a desk or table, take a minute to stand up and extend your hand. This modest action conveys your importance to the gathering. It’s only one of the fundamentally polite things that everyone ought to do.

10. Kissing a woman’s hand as a greeting

Some holdouts continue to believe that behaviors once seen as polite, like kissing a      woman’s hand or pulling a handshake into a hug, are merely examples of their “acting like a gentleman.” In a professional context, there shouldn’t be any distinction in how people greet various genders. Avoid acting in ways that may be interpreted as excessively personal for a first meeting.

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