Car and careless mistakes
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With the advent of automobiles, there come quite a lot of tips and tricks. One must be careful when looking after their cars. Often, a small careless mistake can turn to be quite fatal for the car. These can include many things, from leaving stuff in the car to the way people often drive it. So, what are some common careless Car Mistakes that can be costly for us?

Driver and Car mistakes
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1. Leaving Car Rag Near Engine

This is one of the most harmful things that can happen to a car. Modern everyday vehicles have internal combustion engines, and an engine tends to get warm while driving. Leaving a cloth out inside the engine can cause it to catch fire.

2. Leaving Tools On Vehicle Bonnet

This is a prime rule that must not be overlooked. Often, when people are working on a Car, they may leave tools on the bonnet. If the tool is small, one can forget about it, and starting the car can cause it to fall in. A tool loose inside your engine can be fatal for the Car too. 

Ironically, even though it is the prime rule, you will find that it is the most common among car mistakes.

Car drivers and careless mistakes
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3. Running A Cold Engine

Vehicle experts often recommend keeping the car for a couple of seconds when starting it. Immediately giving an accelerator on a cold engine cause a higher fuel consumption. This can be harmful to the car in the long term.

4. Driving With Overheated Engine

Just like a cold engine is harmful to drive on, so is an overheated engine. If an engine is overheating, there is quite a lot of strain and pressure on it. It is recommended to stop the car and wait for it to cool off, or it can catch fire.

Car mistakes and drivers
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5. Shifting Reverse While Driving Forward

Gears in a car work with a specific procedure. Where you slowly shift up the gears, you shift down with the same pace. If you suddenly try going to reverse while going forward, there is a chance the gearbox can break.

6. Sudden Downshift Of Gear

Similar to the above one, this is also a common mistake that can be fatal. It can seem careless because people often shift from the fourth to the first gear. The sudden drop in the gear shoots the RPM up, causing extra heat and combustion in the engine.

shifting down gears in car
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7. Driving Over Potholes

Car suspensions may be quite strong, but they are not indefinite. Driving over too many potholes in speed can damage the suspensions of the car over the long term. Unless you have a jeep or an SUV, go dead slow over potholes.

8. Pumping Wrong Fuel

Petrol and Diesel engines are made with specificity. Fuel has different grades and different levels of purity. You cannot put Diesel in a petrol engine because the grade of fuel is different. Similarly, doing vice versa will cause the engine to cease. There goes the repair cost through the roof!

wrong fuel pump in vehicles
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9. Driving With Low/High Tire Pressure

It is always recommended to keep your tire pressure optimal. High pressure has a bigger chance of your wheels bursting in warm weather. Low tire pressure causes more drag and the fuel efficiency of the vehicle to drop. Unless you want to spend on four new tires or extra fuel, optimize that tire pressure.

10. Ignoring Sounds And Dashboard Warnings

This careless mistake has caused a lot of people a lot of problems. When driving a car, always keep a check on the dashboard and an ear open towards the engine. Do you hear knocking? If the car is misfiring or backfiring, don’t ignore these warnings and don’t forget to ‘Check Engine’ light.
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These are some of the careless car mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. 

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