Tensions flare in the United States after the uncalled death of George Floyd. Protests have been taking place around the country for six days, and this time, the corporate world has also spoken up! Nike, Adidas, Facebook, Netflix, Disney, and L’oreal are some of the brands that have supported the #BlackLivesMatter cause. These brands stand tall and condemn the racial injustice prevailing in America.

Companies like Nike have taken action swiftly by taking a much more public stance on racial profiling and police violence.


Here are the various brands that have joined the #BlackLivesMatter movement:

  1. Nike

The sportswear giant has released a campaign, “For once, Don’t Do It,” playing smartly on its tagline, urging people to stand up in solidarity and stop racism.

2. Netflix

Streaming giant Netflix addressed the issue, stating:” To be silent is to be complicit, Black lives matter.”

3. L’Oreal

Similar to Nike, L’oreal also made a play on their tagline saying: “Speaking Out Is Worth it!”

4. Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be donating $10m to organizations that are working on racial justice.

5. HBO

HBO, TNT, and more WarnerMedia-owned divisions changed their Twitter usernames to “#BlackLivesMatter.”


6. Disney

7. Reebok

8. Adidas

In a turn of events, Adidas has shared Nike’s message and urged people to bring out a change together. This is the first time the competitors are seen to be collaborating for a cause.

9. Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s took to Twitter on 27 May, two days after George Floyd’s death, to share its “heartbreak” and express support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The ice-cream brand has previously stood against racial injustice four years ago, too, and believes things are just as relevant today.


10.  Paramount

Paramount Pictures calls for justice to prevail!


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