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Who doesn’t want radiantly beautiful skin that remains flawless day and night? Everyone. But is anyone willing to make an effort for it? Sadly no. When it comes to taking proper care of skin, very few actually go the extra mile. Others, we included, try to test the waters by going as far as we can before something goes wrong.

Having a proper skincare regime, eating a balanced diet, wearing sunblock before leaving, nobody has the time for that. However, if we can’t do something beneficial we shouldn’t make things worse either. Make a list of beauty mistakes to avoid and follow them religiously!

1. Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

Women in particular, whether they are professionally employed or taking care of families at home, rarely have time for themselves. And when they manage to find some, skincare is far from their minds. Sure taking a relaxing spa day sounds awesome, but it is unreasonable. Therefore for everyone interested, we are listing down the beauty mistakes made by most that have serious effects.

2. Using Hot Water

Yes, a steamy hot bath sounds lovely. But do you know it is also drying out your skin? Hot water steals moisture from your skin leaving it flaky and dry. You aren’t making soup here. Just cleaning yourself. Use warm water instead, especially when washing face. The cooler the water, the better for your skin.

beauty mistakes to avoid

3. Washing face too often

For those squeaky clean people, this is bad news. You might like the fresh feeling that comes when you wash your face, but did you know there is a limit? First, we can’t understand where you found the time to wash that much.

Second, seriously stop. Unless you live right next to the sun, washing the face more than twice a day can do more harm. People usually use cleansers, scrubs, face washes, etc and each of them has a lot of chemicals. You shouldn’t be using these so frequently.

4. Using expired beauty products

Be honest, when was the last time you checked the expiry on your cosmetics? The expiry date is there for a reason ladies. Past their prime cosmetics even creams and conditioners lose their benefits. Instead, they see an increase in the growth of bacteria. That’s just gross. We won’t judge if your products are a few month over date, but years? Yeah, that is a deal breaker.

5. Waging a war on Pimples

Yes, we agree. Pimples know when we have a huge event coming up and wait until then to pop up. But waging a war against them, poking, prodding and drying them out with creams does more damage than you realize. Yes, the people you are talking to with a pimple on your face have a hard time focusing on anything else, but this too shall pass.

6. Over-exfoliating

Exfoliation is good for the skin as it removes the layer of dead skin cells and brings out the natural glow. But we as humans love to go overboard. If you are using harsh products like loofahs, scrubs, or washcloth, you need to be extra careful. Exfoliation is to let out the healthy skin cells not your facial bones. So go easy. Once a week is good enough. Remember to moisturize afterwards.

7. Sleeping with Makeup on

This one you have heard countless times before. And yet you do it anyway. Sleeping with makeup not only ruins your pillowcase, it also suffocates your skin. That’s right your skin needs to breathe too. All those cosmetics concealers, hightlighters, foundations that made you look beautiful in the evening, will make you look dreadful the morning after. Do yourself a favor, wash your face before sleeping.

8. Sleeping on your side or stomach

It is the most comfortable position to sleep in, but for your skin, it is a nightmare. It increases the chance of you getting wrinkles. If there is no way you can sleep like humans are supposed to, spend some money and get a silk or satin pillowcase instead.

9. Working out with makeup

Yes, we want to look good at the gym, but working out with makeup is the easiest way to have your pores clogged. This leads to a build up of oil which gives a chance to pimples lying in wait to surface and ruin your day.

10. Touching face too often

Do you know where your hands have been? Yeah, no matter how many times we wash them, our hands are covered with bacteria most of the time. Touch your face and they are transferred instantly. We do it without realizing it has become that much of a habit. But it needs to stop.

11. Buying flashy beauty products without research

The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry. Millions of products are available, each promising a miracle for parts of skin you didn’t even know you had. And contrary to what you have been led to believe, you don’t need them all. Research first. Learn about your skin type. See what kind of ingredients your skin needs and try to buy products that have those. Don’t reach out for something just because someone recommended.

Which mistakes have you made? Let us know in the comments below.