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For many years now, social media has been continuously flooded with recipes — some heavenly, some quirky. Also, being at home during the pandemic has heightened our love for food and the need to experiment with ingredients. You will understand this even better if you are a regular on social media platforms. In that case, you will probably be familiar with almost all the videos featuring odd concoctions mixed up by people. In these clips, the most common category is Maggi being mixed with ingredients that have a completely different taste.

Previously, we came across many such concoctions from maggi milkshake to maggi pani puri. However, if you thought you had seen it all, we dare say NO.

Maggi Icecream

Recently, an Instagram user shared a video on her Instagram feed where she followed a recipe that mixed Maggi with Oreo biscuits and ice cream. She also asked users to share this recipe with someone who can give it a try. The user added Oreo biscuit and ice cream to her Maggi instead of the usual flavouring packet available with the noodles.

“Too weird or worth a try?” She captioned the video. Take a look.


The video starts with breaking a packet of Maggi noodles in boiling water and then adding crushed Oreo to the warm noodles. She then proceeds to fold the Oreo in the Maggi and then tops it off with some chocolate ice cream. Her experimental recipe emerged to garner mixed reactions from social media, sparking off a debate between having Maggi the classic way or the different way.

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On both Instagram and Twitter, most called the dish way too avant-garde for them, while some Maggi lovers threatened to unfollow and report the user.

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This sure is the most relatable reply to the tweet.

Seems like she is done with all the madness surrounding maggie noodles. Well, we can’t help but agree to her. 

Well, we wonder how she took all the criticism and whether she tried to do something like this again.

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