karachi driving license
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With millions of people residing in the megacity, Karachi, and no good public transit system in place yet, the citizens are bound to use cars. To be able to use cars, you obviously need to have a driving license. However, people find it hard to find time to apply for a driving license on weekdays especially if they work.

For this purpose, the traffic police department is introducing measures to facilitate more and more people. If they accommodate the citizens’ rights, they will be better equipped to safeguard and guide the citizens’ rights on the roads.

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Driving License without prior appointment

One such measure is, allowing people to go for their driving license issuance or renewal without booking an appointment. Karachiites can stroll in on September 23rd and 24th without worrying about taking appointments first. Quickly getting their work done will ensure lesser hindrance at their work as well. This facility is available at all three centers in Karachi.

Another measure that shows the traffic department acknowledging people with jobs is the directive to open driving license centers on Saturday as well. This measure is not just limited to Karachi but can be availed by people all over Sindh. With this service, business people and employees can apply for driving licenses with ease.

Online services

Taking time out from your working hours to get your driving license is harder more so if you have to stand in line to get your appointment first. To make life easier, the Sindh Driving License App allows you to book an appointment online so that you do not have to stand in queues after you get your token. For now, the app is only for android users.

Karachi driving license
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The more you ensure that you work under guidelines, the more you will be able to hold authorities accountable for your rights. Imagine being in a traffic accident where someone else was at fault but just because you did not have a license, you will get the shorter end of the stick. So are you ready to get your license and be a better citizen driving on the streets of Karachi? If you are, get to the license centers today and get your license.

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