Dumplings are a work of art, and not everyone can master the art of dumplings. However, more and more eateries are picking up on the trend, and nearly all famous Chinese/Pan Asian restaurants offer a variety of their own.

But did you know that a dumpling is shaped like an ingot (the kind used as ancient Chinese money), and this shape symbolises wealth? Eating dumplings is a way to bring good luck. So, if you are looking for some free luck, you may as well resort to dumplings. Just saying! Here are some of the restaurants offering delicious dumplings in Karachi.

1. Cocochan

Cocochan’s fiery hot Sichuan dumplings are a must-have if you love the Asian delicacy. The perfectly steamed dumplings have a generous amount of filling. Meanwhile, their chilli oil served alongside is the perfect amount of spice and grease.

2. Firefly

Firefly’s dumpling have received many great reviews for their amazing taste and the value for money. The small boat-shaped dumplings are steamed to perfection with chicken filling smothered in Sichuan sauce.

3. Mariyah’s Den

A small eatery that excels in dumplings – Mariyah’s Den is an old gem for all the dumpling lovers. They have a variety of sauces and fillings for a versatile dumpling experience.

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4. Chop Chop Wok

The spiciest dumplings in town, Chop Chop Wok’s Sichuan dumpling is a treat for spice lovers who like an edge of spice with traditional flavours.

5. Sai’s Pantry

Sai is a homemade dumpling venture with some raving reviews from consumers. The gooiest and soft dumpling is available in frozen and ready to eat forms. Their spice level is balanced yet hits the spot just right.

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6. Shangai Social

Shanghai Social do their dumplings in style with prawn filling dipped in a massive serving of Sichuan sauce. If you like both prawns and dumplings, then this is the absolute treat for you.

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