tiktok and applying for jobs there through video resume
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In this era of a pandemic, it can be quite difficult to apply for a job. Many places are not allowing proper interviews and many are hard to reach. One may send them a Resume but it can be difficult to go through many of them at a time. In this day and age of technology, TikTok has just introduced something new. They are going to help the job-hunting community in the world by a special method.

Due to difficulty in reaching companies, TikTok has decided to make it slightly easier. The platform is known for its trending videos and short quality content. It is one of the best places to set trends or to learn what the current ones are. This can be in any niche or domain. However, the new feature is TikTok letting users upload video resumes! Is that not an ingenious idea?

tiktok users and applying for jobs
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TikTok With Video Resumes

For now, this feature is available to all jobs based in the US. Instead of going to the location or emailing, one can simply show a video resume. Be it for the WWE or a Data Scientists designation, TikTok can get you anywhere. Even if you wish to apply at TikTok itself, that can be done through video resumes. Companies like Target and Mexican Chipotle Grill will now accept video resumes throughout July.

This is an interesting way to give people more opportunities. It also makes it easier to apply in these uncertain, dire times. You never know when it may be unsafe to visit a place. Apart from video interviews, it seems that video resumes are also becoming a thing. For now, this ability is only available to US-based jobs but it can extend with time. Eventually, we may see people applying with video resumes everywhere.

Networking Done Right

Currently, the most go-to platform for jobs is LinkedIn. People use Facebook for networking too but you can find every professional on LinkedIn. The platform not only lets you connect but lets you talk to them too. So, if you wish to have a strong network in your professional life, LinkedIn is your go-to right now. With time, we could see TikTok becoming that platform too. Slowly and Gradually, more companies can appear on the platform.

We hope that people who apply through video resumes are successful. It is always a moment of pride to see someone accomplish well. We want to make sure that every person gets the same opportunity and ability to apply. The job market is tough and it can take a while to land a job. However, we urge everyone to keep their spirit high and their will strong!

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