The Gwadar Marine Drive Under CPEC Is A Place Worth Waiting For

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The construction for Gwadar Marine has finally come to an end. The final view of the marine drive will take your breath away. The roads and other construction sites were being constructed under the China Pakistan Economic Corridors (CPEC) project.

The official twitter handle for CPEC first published the pictures of the site. You won’t believe that the photographs are from Pakistan.

Breathtaking views of Gwadar Marine Drive after completion of roads and construction work under CPEC

The tweet caught the attention of many, as people started pouring in their opinions about current affairs.

Some believe that Gwadar will transform into Dubai. 

Many are wondering if there is a debt trap clause?

However, we understand that this was only possible due to the Pak-China friendship.

It’s evident that Pakistanis can’t gather that this is a part of Pakistan now!

The view is indeed, breathtaking! Nobody would want to remain in other parts of Pakistan if they had a choice.

This is how the place looked three years ago!


The Master Plan

Gwadar Smart City Masterplan includes tax-free environment, mega shopping malls, humanmade islands, luxury resorts, high-paid jobs, high-tech industries, and Pakistan’s largest international airport. The airport was recently initiated in 2019 by Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan.

Population of Gwadar

Earlier reports suggest that the population of Gwadar will exceed up to two million – high-paid emigrant professionals will make up to eighty percent of the community.

By economic output, Gwadar is set to become the third-largest city in Pakistan with the help from our neighboring country, China, under the CPEC project.

Jobs in Gwadar 

The CPEC project in Gwadar will create many high-paying jobs under various divisions, which will include retail, technology, and much more.

Expected GDP 

It is expected that the GDP per capita of Gwadar will reach $15,000 – the amount is ten times what our average is currently. The Chinese and the Pakistani government has forecasted that in the long-run, the human-made island will surpass the $30bn per annum benchmark.

Gwadar to Become Pakistan’s 3rd-Largest City in Terms of Economic Output. Read the full story here:

Gwadar to Become Pakistan’s 3rd-Largest City in Terms of Economic Output

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