7 Full-Body Workouts You Should Try To Lose Weight
Image source: youtube.com

Ever since the Pandemic started trying to stay fit at home has become one of the most challenging tasks. Lack of access to gyms and outdoor recreational activities added fuel to the fire. However, one must always find means to be counter-productive and make no excuses for physical fitness. If you also fall on the same spectrum, try these full-body workouts, which will help you lose weight.

1. 30-Minute Fat Burn

A 30-minute, intense, full-body, fat-burning workout with weights. You can do this one at home with household items or some light dumbbells. The routine includes warm-up and cool down for a complete package.

2. 1-Hour Body Burn

This full-body workout is easy and does not require any equipment. Forty-five-second sequences with fifteen seconds rest will help you lose some pounds. The best part about this video is the perfect playlists that will keep you hooked on the workout.

3. 12-Minute Full-Body Burn

This is an intense 12-min, fat-burning, HIIT style, at-home workout. This routine is equipment-free and is the perfect one for those who are always short on time. Since it is easy to do, it can be suitable for both beginners and intermediate levels.

4. 30-min Fat Burn

This routine is another routine by Emi Wong. However, it requires much less time and will tackle all the body areas.

5. Full Body Workout to Lose Fat

This twenty-minute routine includes a full-body workout, a morning HIIT cardio, abs workout, lower abs workout, arms and back workout, and a cooldown and stretch routine. Easy to do and no equipment needed.

6. 2 Weeks Shred Challenge

Do this challenge every day for two weeks and see a difference. You can also extend it to four weeks for a massive transformation.

7. 15-Min Full Body Burn 

This fifteen-minute high-impact workout will help you burn a lot of calories. You have to commit!

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