Poisonous Gas Kills 14 People in Karachi’s Kemari Area Confirms Report

Source: Dawn News

February 19th: Federal and provincial governments have been looking into the matter but their efforts to reach a conclusion have gone in vain. Sources of the poisonous gas have not been addressed as yet while 14 people have lost their lives.

Schools near the affected areas remain closed while PSO closes its Keamari oil terminal. Traders also happen to reject reports circulating blaming soya bean consignments.

The special health secretary confirmed the number of deaths in his report to Chief Minister, Syed Murad Ali Shah, “14 patients expired from Feb 16 to 18, until the signing of this report at 6.30 pm.” (Source Dawn News)

February 18th, 5 pm: A total of 11 people have lost their precious lives in Kemari, reports Dawn. However, despite the casualties, the source of the poisonous gas is still unknown to authorities.

Locals from the areas near Kemari gather at the Kemari Jackson Market and demand answers from authorities as to whose negligence is it that the source of such a dangerous gas has not been found out as yet.

February 18th, 11 am: As reported by The News, the death toll has now increased to 8 as more individuals complained about breathing problems and tightness in the chest later in the day on Monday. Many were shifted to the hospital again.

Authorities fear the number might escalate with less information about the gas but it could most likely be “Hydrogen Sulphide, a highly poisonous gas that is a byproduct of crude oil and also generates in the sewerage system.”

February 17th: According to ARY News, at least 4 people are pronounced dead in Karachi’s Kemari area due to a mysterious gas. Authorities fear the number might escalate with less information about the gas.

The names of three dead individuals are Maymar Begum, Rizwan, and Ahsan while a woman can not be recognized as yet. Others affected have been shifted to health facilities nearby.

Station House Officer, Malik Adil Khan says that the victims are facing serious respiratory problems. “We are obtaining details of the incident and at this stage, nothing could be shared.”

Chief Minister Sindh, Murad Ali Shah and Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Ali Zaidi have taken under consideration the case as an emergency which has cost the citizens their lives.

“Shocked to hear about the loss of life due to poisonous gases in Kemari. Although the incident is not in the port, KPT officials have been dispatched to investigate the root cause. I request everyone to refrain from making any comments on the media till we have the facts on hand.” says, Ali Haider Zaidi on twitter.

Zaidi warns to not make false comments on media unless the authorities have figured out facts and figures. Reportedly, no poisonous gas was traced near the port.

This is a developing story.

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