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Just before the coronavirus outbreak, a great debate on social media was emerging regarding the ice melting in the arctic.

Apparently, the ice reflects sunlight whereas the water absorbs it which results in warming up the ocean around the ice and hence the earth.

So Why is the Ice Melting in the Artic?

The meltdown of the ice in artic is a clear reflection of human activities exploiting the earth.

Activities that cause air and water pollution cause global warming, which is causing the ice in the arctic to melt which then speeds up the climate change aggressively.

Has the Coronavirus Limited Human Activity?

Yes, European countries and others have restricted travel as 246,777 have been affected by the virus while 10,063 have died across the globe as of today (20th March).

Since humans across the globe are restricted to move freely and many self-quarantining themselves, it is surprisingly making a positive impact on the environment.

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Factories across the globe have shut down, streets are empty, many events across the globe canceled.

Malls, gyms, offices, educational institutes, airports, public places closed due to the virus across the globe.

Since the lockdown:

Japan has deer roaming in the streets. 

Venice’s Coast Have Dolphins Come Nearer 

Clear decrease of NO2 levels in Northern Italy

Monkeys Show up on Streets as Tourism Declines in Thailand 

China’s Coronavirus Lockdown Curbs Deadly Pollution

Air pollution plunges in New York City as people stay at home 

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