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The reviews for Apple’s latest in-ear headphones, the AirPods Pro second edition, were overwhelmingly good (including here on Forbes). Among the characteristics that critics commended were the astonishingly superb noise-canceling, eye-catching features, and long battery life. However, some consumers are having a less pleasant experience since their AirPods Pro 2 aren’t working properly.

Audio drifting in Airpods Pro 2

Although many still find their Airpods quite useful and living up to their expectations, some users have experienced audio drifting. Doesn’t it sound really charming? However, this implies that the audio alternates between the left and right earbuds when you don’t want it to. It also means that the audio might go out of sync while watching a video, which is irritating.

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Some people attribute it to Spatial Audio, however, that is clearly not what that technology is intended to do. Others have reported that the volume levels shift nearly at random, and they have emphasized that this is not due to Spatial Audio or the spectacular dynamic head tracking capabilities, which they have disabled. More users have reported “the audio shifting about” and “vocals travelling to the far left side while using ANC.” All of this is concerning. Apple hasn’t mentioned anything about this issue yet, implying that it’s an extremely unusual occurrence for the time being, so let’s hope it stays that way.

Moreover, having this type of acoustic problem isn’t ideal, even if it only affects a few people. After all, the second-generation AirPods Pro has only recently gone on sale. “Audio drifting to the left AirPod,” one user put it succinctly. When this happens, I become unlistenable.”

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Quality over everything

Although Apple has a religious brand following and has never compromised on the quality of its product, it is very unlikely to see users complaining about an apple product. The times of consumer preferences have changed since now users demand value for money making every company pay attention to the smallest of details. With the recent halt on production for the iPhone 14, companies such as Apple also have to try their best to keep the customers that they already have which is why the company will surely take the issue into account.

If this problem becomes more frequent, you can guarantee Apple will address it with a software update as soon as possible. Perhaps it is so unusual that it will vanish as quickly as it appeared. We can only hope.

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