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Already in its second season, TBH (To Be Honest) with Tabish Hashmi is garnering a lot of attention. From the very first episode, the show has invited famous celebrities from Ayesha Omar to Mustafa Kamal. Considering the show is for the masses, Tabish keeps the show interactive and addresses stereotypes that would make the conversation relatable to millions. But does that give you a free pass to make insulting jokes for a specific group?

Adnan Shah Tipu

In the recent episode of TBH 2.0, Tabish invited Adnan Shah Tipu. Tipu is a method actor who has made his name in Indian films and is more popularly known in current times as the phuppa in Suno Chanda.

Suno Chanda Season 2 Episode 23

On the show, he shared how he got into acting and what his life before that was. He also mentioned that people cast actors based on looks and popularity when they should be doing so to fit the character well.

TBH By Tabish Hashmi

As the show proceeded, Tabish gave a very problematic context, and Tipu gave an equally disturbing response. Tabish said that women abroad are used to taking compliments such as ‘You are beautiful,’ but the local ones not so much. So, he asked if Adnan Shah Tipu had been in a similar situation. To that, Tipu replied that these women do want such comments when they get ready and leave their house, but when they get them, they get offended.

Well, no Tipu. They do not get ready to impress you. They do that for themselves. And if your compliment is unwelcome, then it is not a compliment but harassment.

The situation got further complicated when at the end of the show, Tabish asked Tipu to perform a character. He said that since he had previously played the role of Transgender, he should do that on the show again. And Tipu did. Almost spontaneously, as if their subconscious was guiding them, they conveyed a scenario where a transgender person was ready to give indecent favors. According to his implication, any transgender you would see on the road would readily be available for extra-marital relations for a reward.

No, Sir. They get so bullied everywhere else and have no other employment opportunities; that’s why many of them get involved in such jobs. But you cannot define the entire transgender community by just one profession. 

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